Caudalíe | Beauty Elixir

  The infamous Caudalíe Beauty Elixir. I've heard mixed reviews about this guy, which only sparked my interest even more. When I learned they had it at Sephora I just had to go check it out. My main concern was the scent, I'd heard on and on about how strong it was and how it wasn't that good. I was surprised to actually enjoy the scent, although it is strong, it reminded me of oils used for massages. The elixir is said to sooth your skin, make it glow and close up pores. This product goes for $20 30mL and $48 for 100mL, so it's not a cheap product at all. Now, this elixir has essential oils that help the skin out on a daily basis. I spray it on before I apply my moisturizer and wait a couple of minutes for it to sink in. It's a very refreshing and soothing product that helps me relax. It has a strong scent that is not for everyone so I suggest you check it out before purchasing. There is no instant burst of radiance but it's more of a gradual radiance, meaning as you apply it on a daily basis your skin does look healthier but not so much that you'll notice instantly. This is definitely an essential on my bag and in my skin routine. It's not for everyone and you may not get results, but I feel my skin looks better without make up then how it looked before I started using this so it's something I'll definitely repurchase.


Nars | Sheer Glow Foundation

 And now for a review I've been dying to do. The NARS Sheer Glow Foundation! First off, this is my first ever NARS product and I've been researching it for over a year, so to finally have it is awesome. Let's start with the price. This foundation goes for $42 and has 30mL(1oz.) which is a lot of money to spend. Next lets head to the packaging itself, meaning the bottle. This is a huge thing that irks me so damn much! It.Has.No.Pump! I mean, for $42 you'd better throw in a pump instead of making me spend more money to get one! What if I didn't like the product? At least, give me the decency of having a pump so I can make the process of using it less painful. However, they're lucky I love this foundation although I'm not buying a damn pump yet. Which makes the process of pouring it to the back of my hand a bit tedious, I've developed quite the precise hand. Either that or loose precious, precious product.

 Now, on to the product itself. This in no way is a sheer coverage foundation, more like medium to build able. It sit wonderfully on my skin making it glow and look more alive, oppose to the Rimmel one. It has lasted me all day with primer and with air conditioning around me, but I don't think it'd fair so well in this massive heat we're having here. It doesn't feel heavy at all on my skin (and I'm very touchy about that) and I feel I can wear it even without setting it with powder. You need a light hand with this, a little goes a long way or you may suffer cake face and we wouldn't want that.

 Overall, I love it. It's something I don't wear everyday and save it for special occasions which makes the price a bit more bearable since I wont waste it fast. I like how it feels and it hasn't broken me out. I don't find it's drying or anything but my skin is combo/oily in the T zone so I wouldn't know much about it on dry skin. They have a good color range but a lot of them are yellow tones. I suggest you go and get yourself matched like I did. Tell them to apply it on your whole face and walk around a bit before deciding to buy it. This is a definite favorite for me and I will buy it again when I ran out of it!


Yes To | Cucumbers

  Hello, people! I come to you today with a bit of a skin care review. It was only recently I noticed a new brand of skin care called Yes To, in my defense (which is not a good defense) I hadn't ventured to the skin care are in some time...and by that I mean when my 1st face moisturizer died which was a long time ago. Anyway! I was first attracted to the lovely package, which I now hoard by the way, and decided to try it out. I mean, any skin care is better than none right? After using it for about a month and some now, I think I can cook up a good and honest review.

 Daily Calming Moisturizer- This lovely guy here has helped my skin improved considerably, keeping in mind that I hadn't used any face moisturizer in some time so anything is better than nothing. At first I still had some dry areas, but in it's defense it takes time to mend that which was damaged for some time. Poetics! Anyway, not those dry patches have calmed down quite a bit and my skin is better. Did I mention this smells so good?! And also, when applied you get a tightening feeling in your face that is very nice.

Soothing Eye Gel- This eye gel is supposed to help dark circles and depuff, which in my opinion it does do to a certain degree. I don't wake up with overly puffy eyes, so I don't have much to say there. But the thought of not having concealer ever again is not as scary as it once was. The product itself has no smell and you really need such a small amount to cover both eyes.

 Overall, I liked them both. I don't look so dull in the face when I don't wear make-up. My face feels softer and it has more color in it now. Although I still have dark circles and let's be real, who doesn't? The dark circles have gone down a bit. To prove this to myself, and that I wasn't crazy, I pestered my boyfriend with questions on my appearance sans make-up to the point he left the room when I opened my mouth to ask anything. Which proves to me it has helped, said by him! I still have some way to go before I finish both products but I do want to try other things on their line like the Carrots and Tomato ones!


Revlon | Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains

 Hey, guys! I come today with a little review on the highly popular Revlon balm stains going around. These babies have been all the rage in the blogging/youtube world lately and are kind of difficult to get since they're always sold out. After looking at swatches I decided on getting Rendevous and Charm. So without any more interruption here is my review.

 These balms have been compared to the Tarte chubby sticks, but even though I don't own the Tarte ones I have swatched them and they're nothing alike. Where the Tarte sticks are more pigmented, the Revlon balm stains are just that...stains. Each balm goes on like a tinted lip balm. As the shades grow deeper so will the pigmentation you'll see when applied. That being said, Rendevous (being more orange) goes on more pigmented than Charm (being more peach). They both have a satin-y finish. They are fairly moisturizing and smell minty. The smell I'm not so fond of, it's a weird mint smell. Leave these guys on for a couple of hours and you'll see the 'Just Bitten' effect. You really look like you were munching on a lollipop. So both of these are perfect for those days you don't want to wear a full on lipstick but wish to have color on your lips.
Rendevous is a muted version of Revlon's Siren. Giving a lovely orange touch for those who fear to go for an all out orange.
Charm is a lovely peach-y nude for those who don't think they can pull off a nude lipstick maybe this would be a color to try.


Rimmel London | Wake Me Up Fundation

  Hey, guys! I come to you with a post on something I was really excited to try out: The Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 303 True Nude. I'd been hearing about this foundation for some time and how good it was before I decided to go ahead and look for it. Sadly, after looking in a lot of drugstores I was disappointed to find out the product was only available in Europe. However, being of this century we have the lovely internet and more precise, Ebay. Picking the color that matched me was even trickier that going to a drugstore and staring at it for hours. I had to go to the Rimmel site and compare, plus check blogs with the color I thought would be for me. After doing some digging I thought 303 True Nude would be good on me which I'm glad I was right.

 The foundation itself is very self explanatory with the name 'Wake Me Up' and once you smell it you understand even more. It has a citrus-y smell that does kinda "wake you up" but nothing too strong. As for coverage, it has a good coverage I'd say it's medium/build-able without being cake-y and goopie. However I did notice that when applied my skin looks so dull instead of more radiant (which I get with another foundation which I will talk about later) and I feel I have to work a bit to make myself look alive, but after blending it a bit it looked and felt nice. Also, the foundation does have shimmer in it but it's nothing that overpowers. You don't need a lot to cover the whole face, which is good. I did think it lasted all day considering the lack of primer and heat wave.

 Overall, it's a good foundation considering it's a drugstore foundation. It's a major set back that it's not sold here so I don't think I'll get it again. If you're willing to order it then by all means try it out. I looked very nice on my skin and I didn't feel clogged up at all. I know not everyone is into buying expensive brand foundations so this is definitely a good choice and it truly gives a very nice coverage. I'm not sure how it would fair on sensitive skins since it does have a scent. For now I enjoy it and it's something I will use until it's empty.
(This is how it looked on me without any photoshop or touch ups.)


Pacifica | Tuscan Blood Orange Body Butter

 Hi, guys! I come to you with a quick post, nothing special I'm just going to show you one of my favorite hand creams to have with me (ignore my chipped nail polish!). Most of you will probably have heard of this Pacifica brand, which you can find in Sephora, and their hand creams. I've smelled all of their hand lotions and I love Tuscan Blood Orange and one they have in vanilla. I like to keep my lotions smelling citrus-y, I got that from my lovely mother, and this one is amazing. Not only does it smell delicious, and trust me my beau keeps reminding me, but it also soothes my hands. I mainly use this when I get out of the shower since my hands get really dry and this does the trick. I'm trying (and have been trying for years) to apply lotion religiously and I fail... However, this is one of those lotions that just makes me want to apply it. I always get the small ones in Sephora for $5 if I feel like actually driving there, but this one I got at Marshalls for $3. Anyway, it's a good lotion and it smells divine. Do you guys use anything special?


MAC Pigment | Blue Brown

  Sup, guys! I come today to show you a MAC pigment called Blue Brown I got ages ago but never showed you. MAC pigments go for $20 each and from experience I say it's definitely worth it buy if it's a rare color and since they last soooooooooo long. I've had mine for months now and while I admit I use it for special occasions I have used it and it's still at 99%. It's easily a product I see lasting me years if I use it wisely. It's very pigmented and more importantly it's easy to blend out. Even though it looks scary it's very wearable and build-able for a more dramatic look. I just love how it looks like dragon scales! The amount of product needed to do both eyes is ridiculously small. Once you open the pigment it has a small cap inside which is what I use to pick up some of the color. I'm very happy with this guy and it's something I use for special occasions and when I feel adventurous.


Sephora Haul + Shopping Advice

 I've been a bit over 2 years really falling deep into the cosmetics world, especially now that I'm really learning the ins and outs and I've picked up a few pointers along the way. Cosmetic prices vary and one has to be very conscious when committing to buy something and I have a bit of a ritual I do that I decided to share. I do speak about it in the video I will be sharing of mine but I do feel I'm never able to get into depth when I speak since I forget my point along the way so I try to get more into depth when I write.

 I don't do anything to complex before I buy something but since I started doing my little ritual I've avoided certain crappy products and saved a bit of money. Always research the product you're interested in before buying. When I see something I like, either in a magazine, blog or video, I start reading up on it and thinking it over. Always ask yourself if you will have to eat Ramen for a week so you can be able to buy it. If so, then just slowly store money away and don't rush into anything. Also, try the product out in the store: the texture, feel and durability while you walk around. If needed, ask for help on putting it on. You have to pick and choose what you'll buy and when. Sometimes buying a lot in one is okay but not always. These are all things that go without saying, but I do see people buying things they just heard about and later regretting it. Putting yourself in a budget also helps. Research and choose carefully. Hope that helped!


Alternatives | MAC Diva & Tom Ford Black Orchid

  It's happened to us all. We come across this lipstick we just need to get , and maybe it's a bit over priced but you get it anyway. Well, almost every lipstick has a dupe or an alternative. Something that comes very close to what you want and the difference in finish is different...and also the price. I was playing around with this MAC lipstick I got called Diva and I remembered a Wet 'n' Wild lipstick I had that seemed similar. When I swatched them side by side I was amazed with how similar they looked. I mean, MAC lipsticks are $15 and the WnW one cost be literally ¢69! Makes one regret the damn buy. Anyway, then I decided to go even further and try it next to my Tom Ford lipstick and I was struck again with how similar they were...even in the names!

 Although the lipsticks aren't dupes for one another they are very good alternatives. Don't want to spend $15-$50 but want that color? Then venture out there and find something similar or even a dupe. Each of the lipsticks have a different finish, which also takes a roll on which you choose to spend your money on, and they all have a slight difference in the hues used but trust me they all are very similar.
  The MAC Diva lipstick is a matte lipstick. Meaning the finish will have no shine and will be drying
It applies very smoothly and is rich in color (as are most MAC lipsticks). I don't find it's that drying, but I personally love matte lipsticks. It gets down to what you prefer so I suggest trying it on at the store before purchase. And last, the wear is very good. I've been known to wear this for 8hrs without more than one touch up for good measure.
  This is the Wet n Wild Black Orchid lipstick that I got for ¢69 at a drugstore. Like the MAC lipstick, it goes on very smoothly when applied. It's a very pigmented lipstick, especially for the price, but the finish is not matte. The finish of this lipstick definitely has a sheen to it but it's not too much and does not dry your lips. This lipstick also has a good wear, although you will have to touch up after eating and drinking, but with that price who cares?!
  And lastly the Tom Ford Black Orchid that I got for $30. It applies smoothly and very buttery. The finish has a slight sheen to it without overpowering. As for the wear, I don't know yet since I've yet to try it on...I'm too intimidated by it. Ha!
 And here are the swatches. Although MAC Diva looks a bit more red-ish here in person it looks very much the same. It has a purple/red hue undertone to it that is very lovely and vampire like. Then we have Wet n Wild's Black Orchid that has a more purple/brown undertone to it. And last we have Tom Ford's Black Orchid that has a brown undertone to it. Again, I'm not saying the WnW one is a dupe, but an alternative and something to consider before buying. Do any of you have some good alternatives or dupes?


Cosmetics Company Store Review

  Hi, guys! This is another mini California haul. This time it was in an outlet mall in Napa where I found a store called Cosmetics Company Store, which sold brand name make-up for less. One thing I did notice is they had a lot of stuff which was limited edition hence forth already sold out from either Sephora or Mac, etc. I'm not very familiar with Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Smachbox, etc but I do know MAC and they had products from the Villain, Cute and Gareth Pugh collection which aren't sold anymore. Next thing I noticed were the price reductions, which I was very, very happy about.

 The lady that worked there was very nice but knew very little about the treasure chest she had in her hands. After roaming around I chose to get 3 products. The MAC blush I loved, since I had been looking for a good nude-ish blush for so long. And I was also able to purchase and try for the first time a Bobbi Brown product. However, the huge find of the day was the Tom Ford Black Orchid lipstick, which I think is discontinued, and it was $30 rather that $50. It was still a bit expensive for my taste but I had been yearning this lipstick and I just couldn't pass on the chance to have it. I have yet to worn it, I'm too scared and I just end up looking at it all day...pathetic, eh? Anyway, here is my review of all the products.
  Although I have yet to try the TF lippie on myself, I did swatch it. I can't say much about the wear and so on, but while swatching it the liptick went on very smoothly. The pigmentation is lovely and I'm just a sucker for the brown colors in it. I can't wait until it's fall and winter to wear it!
  The MAC blush is from the Villains collection and it's called 'Her Own Devices'. This is the blush with Cruella Deville on it and as always the packaging is very lovely and sleek. As for pigmentation, it is a very subtle pigment and exactly what I was looking for. It's a blush I reach for whenever I wish to have a more nude cheek and I find this, and the Tarte Exposed blush, is perfect for that look.
  This Bobbi Brown Lip and Cheek pot is No.6 Powder Pink, it's a very lovely color on the lips without being to dark. The pigmentation is lovely although I've yet to try it on my cheeks. As for the wear, I did notice it wore off pretty quickly for my taste which is very sad since it's a lovely color.


My First LUSH Experience

Ever since I made my entrance to the blogging and Youtube world, I've heard about the LUSH Cosmetics store. Sadly, living in the Caribbean, I had no access to a LUSH store until a couple of weeks back when I traveled to California. Sure, they had an online store and deliver here and what not. But you have to understand, it's not the same and never will be. I can attest that one needs to go to a LUSH store to have the experience first hand and smell all the wonderful (and not so wonderful) smells!
 Honey I Washed The Kids Soap- Hands down my favorite buy of all. It smells of honey and toffee. This is simply irresistible for me and I keep reaching for it when I shower. Since I have no LUSH store near I get very protective over it, going as far as threatening my brother to never ever use it. It leaves me smelling lovely and it also has given much needed moister to my body. This I would buy again and again, and I truly recommend it.
 Ro's Argan Body Conditioner- This was a product I didn't expect to buy. It was shown to me while demonstrating a new Rose scented collection. You basically lather it on your body while you shower and you just rinse it off. The scent of this is what made me buy it. It smells so elegant and it makes my mouth water. I'm trying to get into more Rose scented things so this was an awesome find. It's perfect for someone like me since I keep forgetting to apply lotion after showering.
 Sweetie Pie- This is a product I got purely because it brought out the kid in me. It takes me back to my childhood when I used to play with Silly Pudi or whatever. This is a fun soap to have around and it smells really yummy. Plus, it's a fun conversation starter and makes everyone happy.
 Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb- This delightful little bugger is quite popular in the blogging world. It smells citrus-y which is designed to wake you up. It has 3 layers on the inside which disintegrate into color and glitter. To make this last I cut it in half. It smells lovely but I did find it left a chalky lingering scent I wasn't so fond of. However I thoroughly enjoyed being coated in glitter for a week!

 Overall, my experience at the store was amazing! I fell in love when I entered and it only grew once I left. I felt like a kid in a candy stores. If you haven't gone to one I truly suggest you do. They have amazing healthy products, perfect for yourself and to gift it to someone. I cannot stress how much I want to go back and maybe sleep there. I'm definitely going to be ordering online until I can go back and get even more things to try. As for prices, I think most of the products are fairly priced and definitely worth trying at least once. And if you're not sure of how something works you can always ask to try it out!


Here's A Quick One | Rimmel Polish Duo

 I got this Rimmel nail polish duo at the drugstore $3 for both (there was a special). The pigment in the pink varnish is amazing, I only needed one coat and voila it was perfect. The only think is I don't think pink nail polish suits me personally. I wish I'd gotten a taupe color they had, boohoo. Anyway, I'm really happy with the finish look and I'll definetly be looking at more Rimmel nail polishes from now on!


H&M Necklace

  In a more fashion/accessory related news, I got this necklace/choker from H&M while I was in California. I found it really unique and interesting so I got it. It's really funny and intriguing to look at when worn because you appear to have a chunk of metal hovering on the base of your throat. It's something I haven't seen here in PR and it's pretty damn cool to look at. However, with the heat wave that's been at large this past week this piece of jewelry is something I avoid unless I wish to add more reasons to sweat (and really, I wish to avoid that)... Anywhoo, It's definitely something I'll be wearing when I go out to air conditioned  places. I'll be styling it very minimalistic and slightly androgynous. Note that it looks very good with up-dos or with your hair down.


L'OREAL Magic Smooth Soufflé | Angelic

  L'OREAL came out with these soufflé blushes that I'd been eying for some time. I remember Maybelline came out with ones back in 2011 which I had and used up. The L'OREAL ones come in a bigger package and there aren't many color selections. When I first opened mine I was disappointment that there wasn't much product, I mean I expected more with the size of the jar and all... But then I applied it and saw how pigmented it was and how a small amount went a long long way and I calmed down a bit. If I'm not mistaken they go for around $7 or so, which isn't bad for how pigmented it is.

 The color I picked up is Angelic, which is a pastel peach. The product blend in very well with my skin, giving it a lovely glow that is perfect for summer. You need a light hand with these because you may turn out Jersey Shore orange if you don't measure well. Just a dab for each cheek. I apply the product working from the outside in, so I don't end up with some really peachy cheeks. It's a lovely blush that it light and soft. However, the blush smells really, really, really weird. I can't help but cringe whenever I'm about to apply it and the wafting smell slaps me in the face. I can tolerate it, but not everyone can which is something to consider if you're planning on getting. Overall it's a good blush that I'll be gravitating to this summer.

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