Textures | Skulls & Lace

It's been such a long time since I've done an outfit or fashion related post. To be honest, I feel somewhat rusty. What can I say? I just didn't have the energy to document my style... Anyway, one thing that's always fun to play around with is texture. When done right it can look pretty damn awesome. Here I played with a cheer blouse with gold skulls and a ivory lace layered short. I wanted something simple, monochromatic and modern. I played with (3) textures; faux leather, chiffon and lace. When it came to accessorizing I just went with my trusty Doc Martens with simple black stockings.


Top 5 Blushes

Doing the cheeks is definitely one of my favorite things to do when doing my make up. I decided to show you guys my top (5) blushes and tried to keep each color different but... What can I say? I love my nude blushes.

All of these are very blend able and pigmented. These are colors that compliment my skin tone the best and just add that flush of color I love. The best thing is how they're all pretty flexible when it comes to the application. There is no patchiness in the application and the color pay off is definitely build able. Also, the colors I chose are very low key and can be handled by pros and beginners. Since they're all pigmented you need a light hand when applying them, but the payoff is very lovely! These are definitely colors I reach for the most.
 Nyx- 02 Dusty Rose
Sleek- Life's A Peach
Tarte- Exposed
MAC- Oh So Fair
MAC- Tenderling


Kat Von D | Lock 'n Load Setting Mist

I've never been one for setting sprays or anything like that. I can safely say, in my books, MAC's setting spray was the only one I was aware of and as far as impressions went it didn't have a good one. To me, it was water and made me looked caked. Sure, I never bought one but I did try it at the store. Not very impressed. Needless to say I never thought I'd getting a setting mist/spray.

I preach about the importance of research. Researching products before buying will save you from ill spending money on crap. However with this I broke my rule and went with le gut. Let me say, I'm actually happy. Whilst checking concealers at Sephora for my mom, I ventured into the Kat Von D area. My purpose was to only check on the concealers from her line since I read they were quite good. Anyway, while my mom was testing the concealer I grabbed the mist and sprayed some on. After checking what was needed and such, I passed a mirror and saw that my face looked renewed. I'd been out for most of the day and my make up looked worn, but I must say that with the mist it just seemed like I had freshly applied make up again. No cakeyness or anything, just fresh. 

After trying it since getting it, its proven to be actually very good. I find it works better when applied after a long day, just to freshen up, rather than setting the make up when you first apply it in the morning. The smell is very nice, like cucumbers, and just adds to the actual joy of spraying it. It's a very refreshing mist that just tidies you up during the day. I swear, if they make a travel size I'm going to always have it with me.

Kiehl's | Rare Earth Skin Care

When it came to reviewing this, it proved to be very hard. Seeing that my skin just wasn't in a good place made me want to take note about every little change my skin had with these products all together. And regardless of the process being a satisfactory one it was still hard for me to sit down and write about it. Lets not even mention the fact that I was currently on my finals and had way too much to do. It just seemed that these products through my way a writer's block.

So, here I am making myself write this review, an honest one -as always-, whilst still trying to break that writer's block. I've been using the Rare Earth line for a month and some now. The changes in my skin (although not visible) started from the first use. The texture felt more velvety and soft, compared to the roughness I had prior. With time it proved to be working all very well. The routine created while using these products was easy to maintain, especially when it gave results. My skin was looking more vibrant and it felt less rough. The little bumps I had were receding and my break outs were very tamed when my period came around. All was good.

However, in these last few days my skin has slowly been going back to the way it was. Rough in some places and with bumps in other. Needless to say I was somewhat freaking out. I can't say why it was turning back, (I'm not a doctor ,but maybe it was getting accustomed to the products. Who knows. To save it I've had to switch up the products and add products from other brands too keep it interesting. Nothing too drastic, but it seems to be working for now.

All in all, the products proved to work. The price ranged (individually) is around $20 - $29, which is between drugstore and highend. I do not regret buying any of these products and would buy some again. Even though my skin was going back to how it was, it wasn't as bad. I still maintain a nice texture in my skin, although the bumps are annoying. Kiehl's is definitely a brand you should check out if you feel the need to better your skin, but be sure to research every single detail before buying. Remember, anything you put on your face can bring consequences, be them good or bad.


Fall Attire | November

Trying to cheer up while I get through my finals. It definitely feels like fall lately and I'm loving it. I can't wait to see Christmas lights and eating all the holiday food. I came up with this outfit because this is something I can't wait to wear. I can just see myself prancing around all cozy and warm in all this. It's such an easy, doable outfit that can be recreated by anyone anywhere. Yes, it's still hot here but during the night it's pretty 'chilly' and I could get away with something like this. 

What would be your go to fall attire?


NARS | Honolulu Honey

I caved and bought my first NARS lipstick and I can safely say, I may not buy more. It's not that I hate it, it's just not worth $24. Anyway, the color is one that I loved so much on Jen from Clothes Encounters called Honolulu Honey. The color is a muted peach/nude. It reminds me of how Lime Crimes Cosmo Pop looks when you blot it. It's a somewhat satin texture that doesn't dry the lips. I love the color, it gives such a lovely nude color to my lips, but the wear I get out of this is not impressive at all. I keep having to re-touch it every hour or two. I don't regret buying it but as much as I love the color I refuse to spend $24 more on it. I can't help but sometime feel NARS is a bit overpriced. 

What do you guys think of their lipsticks?

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