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When it came to reviewing this, it proved to be very hard. Seeing that my skin just wasn't in a good place made me want to take note about every little change my skin had with these products all together. And regardless of the process being a satisfactory one it was still hard for me to sit down and write about it. Lets not even mention the fact that I was currently on my finals and had way too much to do. It just seemed that these products through my way a writer's block.

So, here I am making myself write this review, an honest one -as always-, whilst still trying to break that writer's block. I've been using the Rare Earth line for a month and some now. The changes in my skin (although not visible) started from the first use. The texture felt more velvety and soft, compared to the roughness I had prior. With time it proved to be working all very well. The routine created while using these products was easy to maintain, especially when it gave results. My skin was looking more vibrant and it felt less rough. The little bumps I had were receding and my break outs were very tamed when my period came around. All was good.

However, in these last few days my skin has slowly been going back to the way it was. Rough in some places and with bumps in other. Needless to say I was somewhat freaking out. I can't say why it was turning back, (I'm not a doctor ,but maybe it was getting accustomed to the products. Who knows. To save it I've had to switch up the products and add products from other brands too keep it interesting. Nothing too drastic, but it seems to be working for now.

All in all, the products proved to work. The price ranged (individually) is around $20 - $29, which is between drugstore and highend. I do not regret buying any of these products and would buy some again. Even though my skin was going back to how it was, it wasn't as bad. I still maintain a nice texture in my skin, although the bumps are annoying. Kiehl's is definitely a brand you should check out if you feel the need to better your skin, but be sure to research every single detail before buying. Remember, anything you put on your face can bring consequences, be them good or bad.

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