Hey, guys! I wont be blogging for a week (until January 2nd) so I'll see you then! Hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year.

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Jemma Kidd Make Up School | Cream Highlighter

Do you guys have a product you keep putting off buying and then you hear their being discontinued? Well, this was that product for me. The whole Youtube make up world was raving about the Jemma Kidd cream highlighters ever since summer (I think) and I was always intrigued. First, because I'm not one to use highlighter often since I tend to have combo oily skin. Second, I'd never used a cream highlighter. This product, from the packaging to the product itself, was always alluring to me. So when I heard Jemma Kidd were going to stop making make up I had to run a buy it. It was NOT easy finding this online, but I did manage to get a discount.

Sadly, I'm reviewing a discontinued product and it doesn't seem fair. However, let's just look at it as trying cream highlighters for the first time. This winter my skin took a turn for the dry road and it was damn annoying. I opted to use liquid products so I could prevent drying in areas. That means, cream concealers, blushes and now highlighters. Since my skin was lacking that nice glow/shine this highlighter came in handy. The application is nice a smooth, easy to blend. It gives a nice healthy glow without being too obnoxious. Think of it as a cream version of MAC's Soft and Gentle. The glow is warm with some pink undertones that look lovely on fair to olive skin types. Sorry if you can't find this product guys, but if you're afraid to try cream highlighters and have dry skin, you should definitely try some!


Lipstick Collection | Updated

It's that time again where I basically show you my lipstick collection and we can fawn over it. Hell, maybe even exchange some thoughts and what not. I love make up as a whole, but lipstick is definitely one of my top 3. I'm such a huge fan of any lipstick color as long as I can work it. Anyway, these are my lipsticks; please excuse how I change background on one of the groups but I forgot to shoot it with the others. 
Revlon Creme Brule | Rimmel Nude Delight | Wet n Wild Bare It All | Limecrime Cosmopop | Revlon Smoked Peach | Topshop Dessert | NARS Honolulu Honey | MAC Honey Love | MAC Shy Girl
NYX Strawberry Daiquiri | NYX Sweet Pink | MAC Viva Glam Gaga | Covergirl Eternal | L'Oreal Summer Rose | L'Oreal Sunset Angora | NYX Milan
 Covergirl Sultry | Make-Up Forever Intense 19 | MAC Twig
 Kat Von D Adora | L'Oreal True Red | MAC Ruby Woo | NYX Monte Carlo
 Urban Decay Apocalypse | Revlon Va Va Violet | MAC Diva | Wet n Wild 917B | Tom Ford Black Orchid | Kat Von D Oh My Goth | Wet n Wild Black Orchid


Playing With Purple | Eyes

I seldom use purple eyeshadows, even though they compliment brown eyes, I just don't seem drawn to them. However, feeling adventurous I decided to have some fun with one look and two lip colors.
I still don't think purple will be a permanent color for my shadow usage, but it's definitely something I'll be keeping in mind.

Products used:
Urban Decay- Last Call
Urban Decay- Hustle
MAC Face & Body- N3
Skin 79- BB Cream
Blending Brush
Rimmel Eyebrow Pen- Dark Brown
Maybelline- Falsies Mascara
Korres Blush- 42 Coral
Tom Ford- Black Orquid
MAC- Honey Love
NARS- Honolulu Honey
^A mix of both lipsticks^


MAC | Honey Love Alternative

There's seriously nothing better than finding a dupe or alternative to a higher end product. Especially when the alternative is way cheaper. In this case I found an alternative for MAC's Honey Love (my favorite nude lipstick). I say alternative because its a similar color but a bit darker, making it not a dupe. Anyway, I'm talking about Wet n' Wild's Bare It All (902C) matte lipstick. I mean, the similarities are very close, especially when applied. Plus, the price is less than $3 compared to $14.50! Bargaaaaaaain~

The texture of both is matte, although the Bare It All is a bit more drying on the lips than Honey Love. As I said, Bare It All is a bit darker than Honey Love but they both have that pink undertone. These are the types of nude that I find fit my lips and skin tone best. I still prefer Honey Love over Bare It All but its always nice to find a cheaper alternative. For those who like Honey Love but don't which to spend the money, you can check out the Wet n' Wild one. Regardless, you get a very flattering nude.

Wet n Wild on the left | MAC on the right


Stars and Stripes in the US Presidential Campaigns

**sponsored post**

Forget about Guy Fawkes and gunpowder, this November the fireworks are going
to be in red, white and blue, because November 6th will see the conclusion of the
American Presidential Election. Will it be another term for Barack Obama or will the
USA have a new President, Republican Mitt Romney?

And, on another tack, which celebrities have come out in support of each candidate?
Well, singer Katy Perry was seen dressed up as a ballot paper in a dress she wore
to perform at a Barack Obama Rally in Las Vegas recently.
And who did Katy celebrate her twenty-eighth birthday with this October? Only First
Lady Michelle Obama! An excited Perry tweeted “NOW my bday is complete! Lunch
with @MichelleObama #chicvote [sic]".

Another young celebrity Democrat is Lena Dunham, the talented writer, director
and star of HBO’s Girls. She has made a campaign video for Obama, and in it
encourages young people to vote for the first time and, if it’s their first time, it should
be for a “good man” like Obama.

Romney, on the other hand, has the likes of Meatloaf supporting him. The
substantial rock singer told a packed football stadium that “I want you to know that
there is one man who will stand tall in this country and fight the storm and bring the
United States back to what it should be…Governor Mitt Romney!”

He continued, “Mitt Romney has the backbone”. Passionate words there from the
Bat Out of Hell singer. Other famous Republican supporters include Adam Sandler
and Clint Eastwood, who made headlines of an unfortunate sort for the Republicans
with this surreal keynote ‘speech’ at their convention.

In fact, that video is a good example of the trivial nature of the campaign in general.
Even the nominees’ wives have not been immune from attacks, with Michelle Obama
pilloried for both the thrift and largesse of various outfits. In particular, she might find
it difficult to shop for ladies’ handbags until the economy has fully picked up again,
given the focus last year on her $1000 bag. It’s less than a week till polling day and,
though a high bar has been set, things could get even crazier as the two campaign
teams race to the finish line in the most important political contest of them all....
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