Lip Gloss & Cream blush.

Recently I've been on the hunt for some good lip gloss and cream blush. I wasn't a fan of lip gloss before, but I do have to admit that a good lip gloss would be much appreciated. Also, I'm a huge fan of blush, I like the doll like effect it gives but I hate the fact that normal blush just doesn't last that long. New kinds of blushes have been developed, from cream blushes to stain blushes. Although this might be fantastic news, I just haven't found my destined blush! Exhausting and frustrating thing.

If anyone has some intake on this, I'd love to hear!


Hair & Face

I tend to have problem with my hair being really dry, since I bleached some parts back in summer, so I was desperate to find something to repair my damaged hair. So when I found Nourishing Coconut Milk Anti-breakage serum it was heaven sent. I've been using it for over a month now and it is perfect! My hair is softer and shinier and basically healthier. It only retails for about $6 at Walgreen's and I absolutely recommend it. As for face moisturizer I'm currently using Regenerate from Olay with SPF 25. It leaves my face soft and it protects it from the UV rays, also it's never to soon to start using anti-wrinkles.


Sigma Brushes

Just ordered some Sigma brushes for $80. A bargain for make-up brush sets, especially these that go head to head with M.A.C brushes. I'm really excited for them to get here & in the mean time I have Awakened the book from the House of night series to keep me entertained. Also, going to start a fashion project with some friends of mine, which I'm really excited about, but I wont say anymore since I don't want to give anything out before we can finish. Anyway, hope everyone is having a good time!


Doc Martens

Doc Martens, always classic & my true love. Every girl should always have at least one pair, over looking that they are pricey, going from $120 and up. But a good investment since they will last for a long long time.
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