Gloomy, gloomy, gloom...

 It's really been a laid back week, nothing much has happened. I've been meaning to do a video on tights but I'm truly not inspired yet. I feel guilty, but I can't force something. Now, I did go to an outlet mall today with my mum and my almost sister Brenda. And we picked a few things.

 NYX usually doesn't come to Puerto Rico, but we found some lipsticks and concealers. I only got lipsticks though. They had eye shadows that were really pigmented, but I didn't like any of the colours they had.

Between me and my mum, we got 4 lipsticks and for 5 things we would get it all at $20. So, big win on that! We got these 4 colours called Heiress, Diva, Beige and Nude. And I swiped them in orders and also swiped a liquid eyeliner I got.

Also got a couple of more things, again between me and mum. Some chuncky heels from ALDO and that fabulous purse from ALDO for onl $45! And I've always liked the head scarves, but I could never do it so I got one from Valija Gitana and also some cute heart bobby pins.


Spiked Headbands

 I'm determined to make myself a spiked headband! I recently became obsessed with them, and since they're so damn pricey I thought "Why not make one?". So here I am, determined to get some headbands in different colours and buy spikes and studs. If they turn out well, I might sell some!


Mind Nectar

 Currently in my mind, that also fuels my inspiration...

Take it like somewhat of a mind vomit, that's what my Tumblr is anyway. And this isn't even half of it.

-none of the pictures are mine unless stated-


Maximum Max

Maximum Max

So, as we all know maxi dresses are a must this summer. I have mine, and you can see it
here. Now, I like to keep my maxi dresses or skirts in a black colour. That gives me the opportunity of just splashion the colour elsewhere. These are a must haves, especially here in PR because of the heat. They're so flow-y and breathable!


360 ° View

 Is there such thing of having a 360 ° view of your blog?

 I truly believe so. In fact, that is the direction I'm preparing to take my blog in. You see, to my blogging isn't just a hobby... it's my job, passion, what I just do naturally. Everyday I go out that door and what I constantly think about is watching my surroundings for new material to put in my blog. Hard work goes into my blog, each word written is carefully thought of just for the benefit of my readers. Sure, I'm new at this. Sure, I don't have many readers...yet. 

 Now, let me explain better what I mean by 360 ° view. I'm talking about having videos, written material, illustrations and pictures. Yes, quite the package... not to mention hard work. But that is the challenge I seek. I may not be the best writer, being that I haven't taken a class in journalism and hey, maybe I should. But the way I write is so I can engage with the readers. Not just some boring article, but more like a conversation. 

The beauty of being an artist is being surrounded by other artist. The inspiration is endless. For example, my uni friend Ivia was kind enough to illustrate past polyvore outfits I've done:

Outfit No.1:

Outfit No.2:

And as for videos, well I've started my youtube channel where I've posted a couple of my outfit of the day (OOTD) videos. I'm starting out slowly but surely:

 So you see, this isn't just a hobby I have fun doing. I truly take this seriously. I want to help others, it's just what I do. So please, enjoy every post I make because each one is special and took time to make. And thank all of you who already read my blog, it brings me joy. Keep it coming guys!


Furla Goodness

TopShop lace tee
$70 - topshop.com

Linen short
30 GBP - janenorman.co.uk

Christian louboutin shoes
$495 - footcandyshoes.com

Furla handbag
26,250 JPY - mirabella.jp

Yves Saint Laurent glass jewelry
$250 - net-a-porter.com

Noir jewelry
$124 - endless.com

Snake jewelry
15 GBP - debenhams.com

Cheek Duo in Desert Sun
$24 - topshop.com

Lips in Ohh La La
$16 - topshop.com


What's Up My Alley?

 There comes a time in every girls life where we ask ourselves... What the hell is in my purse?!

Well, I'm here to show you what's on my purse and why. You know, having A.D.H.D like I do, I hardly every know what's on my purse. It's a galaxy in there and people get afraid of sticking their hand in there... I don't blame them. Really, the picture gives off this beautiful effect of me being so organized when really, I just throw things in it. But alas, I have essential items that must be in my purse 24/7 or I have a heart attack. Let me give you a purse tour step by step:

1. EOS Lip Balm- C'mon, I cannot have drier lips. Thank you, Heat.
2. Scented Oil- I'm sorry, but I prefer to smell  good.
3. Hand Sanitizer- Cleanness people! Learn it. HA!
4. Piccadilly- Essential to my creativeness, if I need to draw it's there. (Notice how there's no pen...)
5. Wallet- Isn't pretty? It's decor I assure you, it has nothing in it!
6. Book- For those boring moments you just need to escape, escape into a whole new world!
7. Migraine Pills- Headaches. Why must you happen?
8. Deodorant- In my defense I live in a tropical humid island, c'mon!
9. Umbrella- Funny thing is, I've used it once (cry)
10. Lip Stick- Why do I bother? Having a beau means NO lipstick. Sigh~
11. Blush- Spice up my pale cheeks.
12. Cell Phone- I despise talking but I do love texting. No texting and driving though.
13. iPod- Need I say more?
14. Hand Lotion- I try to commit to it but I always end up forgetting to use it! GAH!
15. Water- No soda for me!

 It's funny seeing everything I find essential lying there for you guys to see. But the purse is somewhat like a haven to us girls, and I know guys love it 'cause we get to hold their stuff. Truth be told, I cannot function without my purse, I just can't. I may complain and all but I love it! It's my friend, I shall call it Katrina...yes, Katrina. Anyway, what's in your purse?

**This was my entry to Meek n Mild's contest. She's a supper awesome blogger and youtuber, I've been following her for some time now. So go look at her blog!**

Silly Haul.

 Hi guys, I feel like I've been somewhat M.I.A. So I'm going to do an up-date of where I am and what I've been getting. Also, let me remind you that I made a youtube channel where I post my OOTD, and I made a Facebook fan page too. And also, I'm finishing my trimester so I will be very frustrated and moody for a couple of weeks until I finish. I'll try my best and I'll up-date on my spring break.

 Well, let me start by saying that my internship will start May 4th. It was supposed to start today but Erika wants to train us herself and she's about to go get married (congrats!) so we'll start in May. This was a blessing since I'm kind of in a hurry to finish and my 3D class is giving me headaches. Anyway, this weekend my friend and I went shopping to Marshalls where I was able to get some e.l.f things and a new wallet (my old one died). Then today I had to go to F21 to change some clothing that didn't fit so I got some things also. I can officially kiss the mall goodbye while I finish the trimester.

 I'm excited I finally got an orange lipstick, they're really in right now, and the colour looks good on me! Also I've been dying to try using a bronzer from time to time, I usually just go with blush. But mainly I got some silly things & the e.l.f face kit. Simple. Ps: The e.l.f concealers are really good!

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