The Sibling Experience

 As I informed you guys, my Topshop cardigan arrived on Monday. I wore it yesterday, Tuesday, but I didn't do it justice so I decided not to take any pictures. But today, I wore it again and have a video and a picture. Again, I wish I had more but I've been busy with my 3D design class and I barely have time. But let's proceed with my thoughts on the cardigan...

 As you know, I live in a humid island. Wearing any type of sweater, jacket, cardigan, etc, is somewhat difficult. Most of the times you end up frying to death! (I so hate the heat) I usually stick it out and wear it, no heat is going to stop me! So when I first wore the cardigan I noticed 2 things. One, it's really soft. Two, it may look heavy but it's so breathable! I was so happy to have a cardigan that I don't suffocate in. It's so comfortable and just so nice. Like wearing a cloud. Topshop, you did a nice job.

 Next topic is the videos. Yes, I made a 'No make-up, make-up' video but I felt it wasn't good enough and just really awkward. I'll keep on practicing though. But today I did make an OOTD video. It's pretty low quality since I did it with my Mac webcam, but it is what it is. I shall put up the video and hopefully do more until I get comfortable... and a new video camera.


  1. Donde compraste tus botas? Me encantan!!


  2. Son Doc Martens.
    Las encontré en Journey's de milagro. No las traen pa' nenas y las traen bien poco pa' nenes. Pero se consiguen en internet!

  3. Amo esa camiseta!
    Te sigo!




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