Silly Haul.

 Hi guys, I feel like I've been somewhat M.I.A. So I'm going to do an up-date of where I am and what I've been getting. Also, let me remind you that I made a youtube channel where I post my OOTD, and I made a Facebook fan page too. And also, I'm finishing my trimester so I will be very frustrated and moody for a couple of weeks until I finish. I'll try my best and I'll up-date on my spring break.

 Well, let me start by saying that my internship will start May 4th. It was supposed to start today but Erika wants to train us herself and she's about to go get married (congrats!) so we'll start in May. This was a blessing since I'm kind of in a hurry to finish and my 3D class is giving me headaches. Anyway, this weekend my friend and I went shopping to Marshalls where I was able to get some e.l.f things and a new wallet (my old one died). Then today I had to go to F21 to change some clothing that didn't fit so I got some things also. I can officially kiss the mall goodbye while I finish the trimester.

 I'm excited I finally got an orange lipstick, they're really in right now, and the colour looks good on me! Also I've been dying to try using a bronzer from time to time, I usually just go with blush. But mainly I got some silly things & the e.l.f face kit. Simple. Ps: The e.l.f concealers are really good!


  1. great haul! I love e.l.f. cosmetics!

    Miss Nine West


  2. Nice blog!!



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