Carlota Alfaro Tribute Fashion Show

   As promised, I bring my thoughts on the Carlota Alfaro show. Keep in mind that I worked backstage with each model from each designer, so it was really hard to keep track of each dress and to whom it belonged to. As I said on my previous post, it was a wonderful experience. Of course, with each triumph there is fail. Hits and misses I mean. I wont go into detail of each designer, again remember I worked with over a 100+ models and 20+ designers, including Carlota.

   I saw a variation of colours, from neutral to very bright yellows and reds. From long dresses to short ones. Some had flowers and some had stripes. I was able to be up close to all of the outfits and some were very elegant and very intricate. I was happy to see some edgy ones, sure there were 5 or 6, but it's a step forward. Most of the dress cuts I've seen before, but they were beautiful nonetheless. And of course, the Carolta dresses were timeless and unique. Some very 20's to 60's era, which I loved. All very elegant and flow-y, especially the wedding dress.  If you want all the pictures of each dresses go to Ego.

Carlota dresses:


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