Gloomy, gloomy, gloom...

 It's really been a laid back week, nothing much has happened. I've been meaning to do a video on tights but I'm truly not inspired yet. I feel guilty, but I can't force something. Now, I did go to an outlet mall today with my mum and my almost sister Brenda. And we picked a few things.

 NYX usually doesn't come to Puerto Rico, but we found some lipsticks and concealers. I only got lipsticks though. They had eye shadows that were really pigmented, but I didn't like any of the colours they had.

Between me and my mum, we got 4 lipsticks and for 5 things we would get it all at $20. So, big win on that! We got these 4 colours called Heiress, Diva, Beige and Nude. And I swiped them in orders and also swiped a liquid eyeliner I got.

Also got a couple of more things, again between me and mum. Some chuncky heels from ALDO and that fabulous purse from ALDO for onl $45! And I've always liked the head scarves, but I could never do it so I got one from Valija Gitana and also some cute heart bobby pins.


  1. Lovin this blog, especially those boots in the first outfit! Very jealous of your shopping trip, and as an avid fan of head attire of any form, glad your pursuing head scarfs :)


    xxxxxx Mazzi Mi


  2. Thanks!
    I've been loving head scarfs so far.


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