Etude House | Baby Choux

I'm back! Kind of... Anyway, this time I bring a quick review of Etude House's new Baby Choux base from the Sweet Recipe collection. I'm going to get right into it since there isn't much to say. It's supposed to be a base you add after your moisturizer and before you foundation/bb cream or whichever you choose. It's gives a smooth finish look to the skin and I think it acts like a primer.

A little of this goes a loooooong way. Really, you only need a bit. The texture is kind of like a fluffy texture that turns powdery when it blends into the skin. It does give me really soft skin and moisture. It also acts like another barrier between my skin and make up, but I don't feel my make up lasts longer. To me, it works like added moisture to my skin which is always appreciated. It smells peachy but in a good way. 

Am I happy I got it?
Yeah, it was $10 and seeing how I apply so little, the price was good. The added moisture is awesome which is always a plus. But, if you want a primer then maybe it isn't a good choice.

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