Black Liners

I've recently gotten back into the whole cat eye wing. I'd dropped it for some time because I was getting bored of it. With this I discovered how well these (2) liners work together and how well... not so good they work apart. I bought these (2) a long time ago and was disappointing with both for different reasons. With the Revlon Color Stay Liquid Eye Pen I got the precision I wished to execute a very clean wing, but it lacked the opaqueness in the color. It was very streaky to work with and I got fed up with it. With the Milani Liquif'eye Metallic eye liner I got a great color pay-off and a creamy texture that made it easy to apply, but making a defined wing was impossible since the tip of the liner rounds quite fast even after sharpening. However, both used together work very well.

I use the Revlon liner to draw my wing base, filling out all the spaces and making it very clean. I later use the Milani liner to add that opaqueness to the wing and lasting effect. I've literally used this from 7am to 10pm, no joke (even after going to the gym). Sure, it smudges a bit from time to time but the wing form stays in place. The thing is, I tolerate this because I already bought both products and can only make whats best with what I have but I don't recommend buying these (2) to come up with my results. I'm very sure you can get one good liquid liner that does what both of these together do.
1st two are Revlon & bottom one is Milani


How Much Is My Face Worth (Eek!)

Let me start by saying how deeply ashamed I feel with the numbers I came up with. I thought this would be a fun post but it's definitely not when you're staring at the end results. I'm definitely putting the brakes on make up until further notice! What will I write about? Oh, I have some plans. Anyway, here we go!
  •   Formula 10.0.6- $7
  • BB Cream- $30
  • Reve de Miel- $20
  • NARS Laguna- $34 (I don't use this everyday but I still wanted to add it)
  • MSF Soft & Gentle- $30
  • Blush Tenderling- $20
  • Tarte Setting Powder- FREE (sample)
  • Bare Study Cream Shadow- $18.50
  • Rimmel Brow Pen- $3
  • Mascara- $8
  • Lipstick Honey Love- $14.50
This all comes down to a whopping $185! What is this! What have I done! Someone kick me in the arse because that is not okay. Bad, Ivonne! BAD! BAD! Sigh~ The sad part is this is a no make up, make up look. You'd expect I'd look more made up for $185! 
Anyway, how much is your face worth?  
Beware, you might end up like me... curled up into a ball in a dark corner crying.


October Wishlist

$58 - monki.com

Kangol chocolate handbag
$49 - debenhams.com

Nars cosmetic

$37 - harrods.com

Diptyque Roses Candle


Yes To Carrots | Repairing Night Cream

I've debated literally for about (3) months if I should write about this product or not. After trying it for a pretty good amount of time I decided to go ahead and review it. I can tell you right from the start this will be a very short and disappointing review and I'm very sad about it. This Yes To Carrots repairing night cream is supposed to repair and give you much needed moisture. I've been having more dry patches around my face and decided to go ahead and get this hoping it would help. It's not that it didn't help, it's just that it did nothing. That is whats truly disappointing about this products, the fact that I saw no change or progress in my face at all. On a better and lighter note, you do need a small amount to cover the whole face and neck, and if I had to find a silver lining I'd say its at least better to have something rather than nothing.


My Top 3 Foundations

Skin 79 BB Cream $30- I've already written a review about this but I cannot rave enough on how much I love this BB cream. This gives me a very good coverage perfect for day to day while providing me with SPF50+ that feels light on my skin. Even though the texture of the BB cream itself is rather thick, it blends into the skin and just works with it. This is something I can definitely rely on to make me look like a million bucks.

Clinique Perfectly Real Make-Up $25- This is a very light weight foundation that is something I reach for when I'm going for a very minimal make-up face. Sometimes when I need to run errands and I don't want a full face of make-up but don't want to be completely without this is a foundation I reach for and slap on quickly.

NARS Sheer Glow $42- This was the big splurge that was very well thought of. This is that foundation you have for special occasions. It's a medium to full coverage so it's not ideal for a day to day usage, but perfect for a special night. It does give a lovely glow to the skin and it's easy to blend out. However one does have to be careful because it does have a tendency to cake so blotting is necessary.


Darling Girl Cosmetics | Indie Company

 Darling Girl Cosmetics is an indie cosmetics company I was first introduced to via a fellow blogger at a meeting. She wiped out her newly arrived goodies and started swatching. The one that blew our mind, and made me check out the store, was this gorgeous pigment called Jeweled Taupe. I'm all for indie companies especially when they have a good variety and has great communication with its clients. The store has so many awesome colors like vibrant reds and duo-chrome pink blushes. 

When buying from the store you have two choices, purchasing a sample size or a full side. This is brilliant since it's always good to try out something before committing to buying it whole... I know I've had my fair share of disappointments. Plus, you need such a small amount of product to cover the intended area. I found that all of the samples I got were very easy to apply and get a good pigmentation from the get go. Some of the blushes, like She-Bop and Neon Trees, are kind of patchy but easily blended out. Aloha, the bronzer, isn't so dark on my fair/olive skin, it's more of a sandy color that works very nice for a very subtle glow. And the prize of the day, Jeweled Taupe, is everything I wanted it to be. It gives such a lovely natural shine. I love how it compliments my eye instead of over powering it. This is one of those products that are inexpensive but look so glamorous and expensive. 

I've definitely learned to check out more indie cosmetics companies. You never know what you could find that is better and cheaper than a lot of other brands. DGC is always posting on their Facebook page, showing new colors and taking suggestions for future projects. This is something that is sometimes lost in more big companies. You could also always find dupes for more expensive products and that is always welcomed in my books. I do suggest you check them out, genuinely. And no, I was not sent nor contacted to review any products. This is a genuine review of the products I got. If you want more in depth specific swatches and reviews just let me know!
Jeweled Taupe, Aloha, She-Bop, Boy Crazy & Neon Trees


Fall Lipsticks | My Picks

It's almost that time again where we start getting the urge to wear darker and bolder lipsticks, so I thought I'd show you my picks. These are basically what I'll be wearing all through fall. Beware, many of these are matte and are dry, which isn't good fore dry temperatures so always moisturize your lips before applying.

Monte Carlo NYX Matte Cream- This is a bit of a darker red, more blue toned. It looks more vampy but it still keeps that classic red touch. It's just this vibrant red that looks very nice on all skin tones (I especially like it on ebony skin tones).

MAC Twig- This is a very mauve lipstick that is a shade darker than my lips. This is perfect to start out my fall, not too dark but dark enough. 

MUF Rogue Artist Intense 19- This is a berry color with a hint of gold sparkles. I don't usually go for lipsticks with shimmer but you don't feel the ones in this lippie and they're very subtle. 

MAC Diva- This is a very vampy berry toned lipstick. Perfect for when you have a very minimalistic face and wish to showcase some serious dark lips.

Tom Ford Black Orchid- This is a classic. Elegance is just oozing from this lipstick. This is a gorgeous chocolate lipstick that adds a hint of mystery to your fall look.

Kat Von D Oh My Goth- The name says it all. This is a gorgeous purple with pink shimmer in it. It looks amazing and it doesn't apply completely opaque, you can build up the color. I love this lippie, especially on Halloween. 

I picked all of these lipsticks because they're gorgeous for staring at and for wearing them. There is just something about a clean face and dark lips that adds mystery and I love that. I'm all for the thick brow and dark lips this coming fall. Plus, I just love Halloween and I can't wait to smother dark lipsticks on and prance around. We all have to satisfy that inner goth that comes out every now and then.
What will your fall lipsticks be?


Lady Gaga Fame Perfume | Worth The Hype?

Regardless of you liking Lady Gaga or not, chances you knew about this perfume were pretty high. I personally do like Gaga which led me to actually trying and ultimately buying the perfume. Now, I didn't actually get this the second it came out. With the wisdom teeth nightmare and getting sick afterwards I couldn't check it out. So this gave me some time to read through reviews and thoughts. Everything I read came up mixed. Some reviews said yay some nay, so it was very confusing on what to actually think before buying it. Also, a huge factor I had to consider was the price. I'm so used to buying my perfumes at Marshalls at a much lower price since all the ones I like are so damn expensive. Well, to my actual joy this was $50. To some that might be still ridiculously pricey, but compared to the ones I like it's nothing. And no, I don't have expensive perfume taste... 

Now, one thing I read about the nay-sayers was that they found the scent to be a disappointment and that they expected something more from Gaga since she said it would smell like bodily fluids such as blood and semen. To me it's utterly ridiculous for someone to actually take her words to heart and actually think that it would smell like such! Who would want to smell of semen and blood? WHO? Anyway, like any other product it comes down to taste. Everyone has different tastes, so it's obvious this wouldn't be every ones cuppa tea. Luckily though, it was MY cuppa tea.

I like my scents a little bit sweet, floral and citrusy, but not sickly sweet. When I smelt this I thought it was just what I wanted. I've found some perfumes that give me what I want and yet are all different (like Beyonce's Heat). The Fame perfume has this sense of dark sultriness with a sweetness hint perfect for both day and night. I found that each time I sprayed it on, a new scent was the main focus (which I'd read beforehand on another review). So, you get more concentration on sweetness sometimes and other times you get more floral without loosing that sultriness Gaga oozes in my opinion. I have yet to find that perfect perfume that has no flaws, and I doubt I ever will. My tastes change constantly and I go with the flow. I'll forever have my top 5 smells and this one definitely makes the cut.

PS. I swear when I wore it today the smell reminded me of the inside of a LUSH store, which is AMAZING! 


Mary Kay | Timewise Matte-Wear Foundation

On today's blog post I'm going to be talking about a matte foundation good for keeping that damn T zone in check for most of the day or night. I hate knowing that my skin is oily around my T zone, it makes me touch my face throughout the day in an insecure way. Now, we all know touching the face is a big no-no and causes more unnecessary break outs. So, I was definitely on the look out for a foundation that left me matte for those special occasions where I just don't have the patience. Anyway, one of the girls from a beauty group I'm in invited me to try some products at a Mary Kay headquarters and it's where I found this foundation.

Mind you, when I found this foundation I was still a bit iffy on putting anything liquid on my whole face. I put this foundation at the MK HQ at about 7:30 or so and by 10:30 I was still very much matte. I was really impressed and tried it again but with two of my closest friends who are also oily at the T zone. Behold, they were equally as impressed by how we stayed matte for a good amount of time. Now, I wouldn't say this foundation is medium coverage, more like a light to medium coverage. Build-able? Maybe, I haven't had a reason to build it up though. So if doing mega concealing is your aim than you'd better try this out before buying. Next, I'd say this is a more night time or special occasion foundation. You know, when you really need to stay matte the whole time and not look like a disco ball. Why night time? Well, I don't think this would fair well with too much heat and humidity and I'm not gonna risk myself and try that. Nuh-uh. But, I don't know... something about this foundation screams 'For-special-occasions-only' to me and that's how I'm using it.


MAC | Tenderling

This was an unexpected buy, the only way to justify it is that I had just recuperated from a horrible face infection I got from my wisdom teeth taken out and I needed to treat myself to something. I had seen this blush before, especially on my quest for a more neutral blush, but it never stood out to me. For some reason on my trip to MAC I was drawn to it and decided to buy it without even trying it on. Best decision I made because I have not stopped using this blush since I got it. 

Where to begin... This just gives me a lovely muted peachy burst of color. It looks very natural and effortless. It blends out smoothly and it's just a little tease of color. This is an everyday blush that gives me a boost of color. Mixing this on top of my BB cream creates the perfect combination of a flawless complexion. I feel really pretty when I have this and my BB cream on. It is long lasting, you will always see that flush of color during the day. I don't have to retouch my blush and I don't end up looking dull throughout the day. I'm so damn happy I got this blush and it's definitely something I reach for daily.

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