How Much Is My Face Worth (Eek!)

Let me start by saying how deeply ashamed I feel with the numbers I came up with. I thought this would be a fun post but it's definitely not when you're staring at the end results. I'm definitely putting the brakes on make up until further notice! What will I write about? Oh, I have some plans. Anyway, here we go!
  •   Formula 10.0.6- $7
  • BB Cream- $30
  • Reve de Miel- $20
  • NARS Laguna- $34 (I don't use this everyday but I still wanted to add it)
  • MSF Soft & Gentle- $30
  • Blush Tenderling- $20
  • Tarte Setting Powder- FREE (sample)
  • Bare Study Cream Shadow- $18.50
  • Rimmel Brow Pen- $3
  • Mascara- $8
  • Lipstick Honey Love- $14.50
This all comes down to a whopping $185! What is this! What have I done! Someone kick me in the arse because that is not okay. Bad, Ivonne! BAD! BAD! Sigh~ The sad part is this is a no make up, make up look. You'd expect I'd look more made up for $185! 
Anyway, how much is your face worth?  
Beware, you might end up like me... curled up into a ball in a dark corner crying.


  1. wow!!! really expensive daily routine!!mine is all drugstore products!

  2. Oh wow that's a lot!! But it's what happens if you use quality products :)

    1. I don't regret the products, I do like to keep my skin in shape if I can, I just dislike the total. I mean, we buy things little by little not really noticing how much we spend and then it just hits you square in the jaw. Oh well, I'll just pay more attention.

  3. Love it!

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