DIY Stack-able Ring

 1st ring | 2nd ring
 I've been seeing a lot of stack-able  rings lately that I'm really digging. They're not really stacked, but made to look like you have a gazillion rings stacked on top of one another. Some of these rings are reasonably prices and some are just not. I was thinking to myself, 'Hey, these are just stacked and I heaven knows I have a lot of rings I can stack!'. So I got around to experimenting and was able to do it and have that cool look without spending money! It's all about the mix and matching. I think the stones you mix and match are okay as long as they're all either gold based or silver. Mixing gold and silver could be a bit more tricky. Have a look see and I hope you guys enjoy!
Banana Republic Rings + Erika Peña Druzy Ring


3 Holy Grail Products

  Hi, guys! Hope you're all doing well. I bring fantastic findings which I gladly share with you all. I usually never get overly excited with products I find, but these babies deserve all my attention for being good and deserving products. I got them all by chance, and I'm glad I did. They were all very well priced for what they do, and I know I'm getting them again when I finish them. This I swear. Even if I have to tear down walls to find them, so let's all just hope it doesn't come to that. But really guys, pay close attention to what I'll write if you're looking for a good BB Cream + bronzer + highlighter in the near future. Let us begin and hope you enjoy!
  First off, I present to you the Garnier Skin Renew Miracle Skin Perfector or how I like to call it my "B.B. Cream". No fancy name calling here. Let me start by explaining what a BB Cream is and what is it supposed to do.

                What is a BB Cream and its use?
                    A BB Cream or Blemish Balm cream is a cream used first by dermatologists who use it for its healing characteristics and skin-regenerating properties on skin which has undergone laser surgery.  It provides perfect coverage just like a foundation but without clogging pores or damaging the skin. Conceals all types of pigmentation, discoloration, acne and marks. Also it encourages skin regeneration to create and maintain youthful skin. Plus, it has protection against the sun.

 The BB Cream is highly used in Asia, especially in South Korea, and if you haven't noticed most asian women have amazing younger looking skin. Now, why am I, a 20 year old, talking about this? Prevention is key. Even when you don't have wrinkles at such a young age, it's good to start caring about your skin for a long term deal. Start now and the consequences of sun and work appear much later.

 On to the product at hand. The Garnier BB Cream is perfect, in my opinion, for people who are like me and live in a humid tropical island. Us humid climate dwellers have a constant battle with skin issues since we're constantly experiencing drastic climate changes. The Garnier BB Cream provides a light coverage that doesn't clog the pores and stays put the whole day without caking. It hasn't broken me out, on the contrary my skin is looking better. I truly recommend this if you don't like to use a heavy foundation, which is best for our climate.
 My last to products belong to the Balm Cosmetics. I found them at Marshall's and they both came together for $10. I decided to try them out and I'm very pleased with the results. The highlighter -shown above- gives a gorgeous glow on the upper cheek and on the cupids bow. I can't compare it to the MAC Soft and Gentle, which I own, because I feel they both give off a different effect. The Balm highlighter gives this healthy glow without having to use a lot of product. Now, I feel that I need to use the Balm highlighter with either a bronzer or blush, whereas I can use the MAC Soft and Gentle alone when I which to forgo blush. Regardless, this highlighter is divine!
 The Balm bronzer is amazing for contouring. I have a couple of bronzers but this is without a doubt the best one. It gives a very J-Lo type of glow when used right. Bronzers are tricky if you don't know how to use them, but when used right it can slim your face and give you a nice glow. This bronzer has a perfect balance with gold shimmer and you don't need to use much of the product to get the look you desire. This is perfect for summer looks and since I don't tan it's perfect for me. Ha!


DIY Studded Shoulder Vest

  I had some studs lying around from a diadem I bought from Forever 21 that I didn't use. I decided to go ahead and use them on my vest shoulder. They're really easy to use, you just make a whole and screw them in... pun not intended! I like them because they're easily taken off and reusable, however it's sad that I need to either order them of rip them off a diadem to have some. We can't buy them here since they're not something that sells, pity.
 Vest- DIY, Shirt- Thrifted, Shoes- Isabel Marant Knock-Offs


Baby Lips

  After hearing and hearing about the Maybelline Baby Lips I decided to go ahead and check them out. I got two of the six colors. I got Grape Vine and Peach Kiss, and I genuinely like them both. It's not a product I'm crazy about, but I like it. I don't feel I wasted money. It's a good alternative to substitute lipsticks if you don't want to go all out, especially for uni days. Grape Vine leaves your lips looking like you ate a lollipop, giving that bitten effect and the color is slightly build-able. For Peach Kiss, I tend to use it before applying MAC's Honey Love lipstick and then I use a bit on top. I think it's a good combo to keep my lips moisturized all day. Do I recommend them? Sure, if you're still hesitant on using full on lipsticks or to use them for school. Again, they aren't amazing but they are good.

Spring Is Here

 You know spring is here when you're being drawn to pastel colors. Even though I favor a black/white wardrobe, I am being drawn to mints and peaches. Subtly, but none the less there. Zara is doing amazing pastels but a bit over priced for the materials used, if I say so myself. However, I have yet to commit to buying a article of clothing, opting instead for a ring combo from Banana Republic.

 I usually don't go into BP, but I was drawn to it yesterday for some reason. I was delighted to see that they have a nice selection of jewelry for a good price. Having worked with a jewelry designer myself, I'm more attuned to prices and paying it's worth. I tend to go for delicate unique rings with precious stones. So when I saw these babies I just had to have them. I'm going to be playing up using these together and apart and dammit I'll have fun doing just that!


Way To: Eyeliner

 I'm always asked how I do my cat eye, so I decided I'd make a post about it. Going through Tumblr these days I found this picture that contained a lot of ways to do your liner. Each way makes your eye look different, as you can see, and all of these are easy. There truly isn't an exact way to go about it. All you need is practice, practice will help you get it perfect. Also, experimenting on which look fits your eyes the best. What looks good on me may not flatter your eye. I only wish I had the proper source for this picture. If you guys do, let me know!


Black & White

   I've been meaning to tackle this topic since I was asked a couple of times. How can your black clutch be from Office Max?! I swear, it is! I was walking Office Max looking for some materials when I stumbled upon these paper "folders" that were very clutch like. The best part? The price. Clutches like these go for $30 to $80 if you get them from a store. Who knew that we had clutches so close at such an affordable price? The one I got was for $14 and I swear there were a lot more. Different colors, prints, textures, you name it.
  I say it's a good buy if you want a nice clutch that you're only going to use for a night our or to go to a meeting. Their perfect. You can't fit a lot, but that's basically the point of a clutch. I know I'm going to be getting more to spice up my work wardrobe when I go meet up with clients.
Blouse- F21, Clutch- Office Max, Shoes- Steve Madden


Sweet Victory

  I've finished my fashion internship at Erika Peña and I got my gift. Presenting the José María ring. This is the cocktail ring I was feverishly looking for and got. I swear, every time I went to work I'd stop and drool over it. Ah, it feels good on my hand.


[CLOSED] Giveaway!

**Congrats to Yeni for winning the giveaway!**

After such a long time I'm finally able to do my giveaway! I'm so grateful to each and everyone of my readers and I hope to expand my audience doing what I love most. Blogging isn't just a hobby to me, I truly think about things to write 24/7, it's amazing to me and I just love to share. So here is my way to say thanks!

  1. EOS Sweet Mint Lip Balm
  2. Living Proof Styling Treatment Sample
  3. Sephora Face Brush
  4. Bettina Nail Polish
  5. Leather Bow Bracelet
  6. Victoria's Secret Body Lotion
  7. Erika Peña Gold Horn Earrings
 Everything in here was bought by me. The giveaway begins today, March 13th and ends on April 1st. It's open internationally.

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**NOTE: A lot of people are having problems accessing my Facebook page. I'm looking into it so it can be fixed. I put a Facebook badge on my blog on the right corner bellow my follower button. This should take you to my page without problems. If not, let me know**
Hope you like all of the items and good luck!


MAC Lippie Collection

 Viva Glam
Nicki & Gaga
Beach Sand
Sweet Sunrise
Twig & Rebel
Honey Love & Ruby Woo

  I have no complaint on any of these except Rebel. The only thing that irks me with Rebel is that you have to build up the color so it looks more deep purple. My lipstick collection varies from drugstore to high-end ones, I see no problem with buying expensive ones. MAC makes amazing lipsticks if you choose wisely, I highly recommend them.


Clutch Essentials

 As women we encounter many dilemmas. Figuring out what to throw into our purses is one, and it gets even worse when we have to figure out what to take into a envelope clutch. We all know envelope clutches restrict our garbage (yes, we take unnecessary amounts of garbage with us) dosage by a lot. So here are the essentials I take with me when I use clutches, especially the envelope kind.
  1. Press Powder- I like my face fairly matte so I like to re-touch my t-zone area during an outing. Plus, it has a mirror.
  2. Bold Lipstick- I like keeping my make-up fairly soft so I can use a bright pop of color on my lips.
  3. Cell Phone- It goes without saying these days.
  4. iPod- Always have this with you, we never know when we might need a bit of an escape.
  5. Kabuki Brush- I dislike sponges to apply my powder.
  6. Wallet- I forgot to add mine. Oops.
Clutch- Office Max, Powder- Studio Fix Foundation N5, Lipstick- Ruby Woo
*Note: Who knew Office Max had envelope "folders" perfect for clutch usage!*


Skin Up-date

  While at a photo shoot I started talking to the make-up artist asking her about skin care and make-up brands. She referred me to the Sephora face brush instead of my exfoliating everyday routine (bad bad, Ivo). She told me to wash my face once and use the brush on the 2nd time for 1min two times a day. Surprisingly the brush was $5 and I was eager to try it out. I've been using it for a couple of weeks and guess what? My skin is just so much better. I changed my routine, I know exfoliate 1 day a week, use my cucumber mask twice a week and use the brush everyday very gently. I feel so much better with my skin and it can now breathe. If you're looking for a nice brush then I do suggest you try this one out.


Late Night Cravings

Late Night Cravings

ELLA peplum top
$105 - aliceandolivia.com

H M short mini skirt
£13 - hm.com

White ring
£177 - econe.co.uk

Neff black hat
$25 - zumiez.com

ESSIE Nail Polish Mint Candy Apple
€14 - shopmrsh.com


  I won my first ever giveaway! Rock Paper Vintage was doing a New Year's giveaway and I was so happy to win! The communication with them was very good and hands on. They were very attentive to what I like and gave me some picks. I chose these two bracelets that simulate druzy, and you guys know I love druzy. They are both so nice and statement pieces. I'm very happy with my pickings! Thank you very much, RVP.

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