Different Styles, Same Pants.

Jersey tee
$75 - calypsostbarth.com

Miss Selfridge crop top
25 GBP - missselfridge.com

Gryphon silk harem pants
$259 - boutique1.com

Jeffrey Campbell wedge shoes
99 EUR - stylebop.com

Suede shoes
78 GBP - office.co.uk

Alexander Wang mini handbag
795 GBP - liberty.co.uk

Clutch handbag
$84 - lodis.com

Larkspur Hawk face jewelry
$850 - barneys.com

Yves Saint Laurent glass ring
$250 - net-a-porter.com

Antique sterling silver ring
$35 - senseofashion.com

Miss Selfridge chain earring
13 GBP - missselfridge.com

Illesteva round sunglass
$230 - lagarconne.com

Round sunglass
$93 - reissonline.com


Smudge/Smokey Eyes

 Lately I've been favouring the smudge/smokey eye look. So, basically brown colours which is perfect if you have the Urban Decay NAKED Palette. It's a very wearable look, and pretty easy to do it. Quick and you're ready to go. I've been doing it, since I've been preferring browns over blacks for my eyes. I wouldn't say it's a summer look, more winter/fall, but it's easy to do and it looks nice if achieved correctly. Be sure to watch the video I'm going to leave, the girl in it is perfect with the look. If you're interested then watch!


May Favs!

 So, May is coming to an end and here I am showing you guys what my favourite items are as of lately. I didn't pick much, because if I were to add the others I'd be naming them in every monthly fav. Most of what I mention is from Avon. What can I say? They're cheap and they're good.

 I've been really into bronzers lately, I never thought I could pull one off. I usually pair it off with a subtle blush. I found that the Nars "Laguna" was a really good bronzer on me, but it's too expensive. I found one in Sephora, from their house brand, that was $22 and HUGE! The size of my face, huge. I'm hoping to buy it this weekend or next week. It was a really nice rich chocolaty colour, reminded me of a bronzer in the shape of a chocolate that I see a lot on videos from UK.

 In other news, I had to quit my internship. Lack of transport, but damn I wish I could have bought some rings they had there. Sigh~ Too expensive though... And I also started my summer semester this Wednesday, so I'm officially on my 3rd year of college. I can't wait to finish so I can leave and pursue bigger things. So excited. This small island is getting a little to small and suffocating lately.


Nail Dresses + A Bit More

 'Ello, mates! So quick post. I got some nail dresses today for $6, quite expensive for just one use but they are cute. I'd say get them for a special occasion. They are a bit tricky to put on the 1st time, you have no room for mistakes. Just take it slow and easy, so you don't mess up. Once I finished putting them on I put a top layer of shine polish, just to be sure they set in. Next step is to see how long they last, I mean, they are quite expensive...THEY BETTER LAST! Any-who...

  I got a vintage dress at Ouna's Closet, I did a post about them, for $20 dollars. Huge bargain, couldn't resist. They had some yummy stuff, but I'm sure the sale ended. It's a pastel yellow 60's dress. Ends a little bellow the knee, perfect length lately. I have plans to spice it up with some heels and pleather!

  And last but not least... My beau bought me a white button up shirt from F21, which I adore! And I got come earrings for .99c and a necklace for $1.50. I needed a necklace because lately all of my necklaces are statement necklaces and I can't find my subtle ones! GAH! Anyway, I show the necklace and earrings in the video!


Marry The Night

This isn't necessarily a fashion post, but it's personal to me.
 I swear, on my past life I was either a warrior or a wolf. The way I respect the night and a fight is just ridiculous. I've always wanted a tattoo, but always wanted to have one with a meaning. One day I just woke up, called my beau and told him I wanted him to sketch me a wolf howling at the moon. I didn't know what it meant, but I knew this would be my 1st tattoo. A couple of days later, I started to recall my old water polo teammates. How we were like a wolf pack. If I was in trouble, they were there in a minute. We were always together and had each others back. No matter how much we fought during the game, we always delivered. We were the best for 2 years straight. Then we were all separated. I was devastated and eventually quit water polo. That's where the tattoo came from. The wolf forever howling for it's pack. It was perfect! And truly, I cannot wait to get this on me, probably my wrist. 
 The way I view the night is with so much respect. I'm always alert and the night is interesting to me. Thing hiding, party starting, life is lived. People let go and for once, they don't care what others think. My style, it's kind of based on the night. That mysterious aura, that silent movement and dark sinister side. I view people as alpha or beta, and truthfully I'm a closet alpha. Meaning, I don't necessarily wish to lead, but I will not be anyone's beta. I sometimes find myself staring down people who dare stare me in the eye for too long. I find it funny sometimes, how people just fidget uncomfortably. Anyway, I just stop sometimes and marvel at the beauty the night is. How beautiful the stars look, and that night cold air around me when I just sit and relax. That wild primitive need to run and run until your lying on your back panting from exhaustion. 

 It may be a mystical way of thinking, but that's who I am. That's where my imagination is fed. That's how I express myself. That little part inside of us that believes there is more than what we know, what we see. That naive way of seeing things. This is how I view my world, take it or leave it. It's wonderful to me, but I don't expect others to understand or view the world this way. My world, my style, is my own. My goal is to help people. For them to take a piece of what I do, what I am, so they can create their own style. Not copy me, but create. Anyway, I guess that's all I had to say. I may have rambled, and this may not make sense but, oh well.  Also, Gaga's new CD is massively brilliant. It kind of inspired this whole post (hence the title). I wish she would come to Puerto Rico and I could meet her. Sigh~ A girl can dream.



 I was requested a tights video long ago and I now got around to doing it. I'm also doing this written, because I can express myself better though writing than talking. Mind you, this is my opinion on how to wear tights and you, by no means, have to wear them this way.

So tights... I like to think that they're my signature accessory. I don't fancy displaying my legs, since men and people tend to make their opinion publicly. However, I do wear tights because I love them. As many of you know, tights come in a variety of colours and patterns. I myself had many tights. The only downer about tights is that they're very delicate and may break easily. Wearing tights can take an outfit from classy to casual, and unfortunately to trashy. Example, fish nets. Fish net tights are pretty tricky to style, I'd say do an A-line skirt and a not-to-tight-not-to-baggy top. Or simply avoid them. Normal black opaque tights are my favourite. They obviously go with everything and also make your legs appear skinnier. So, that is a plus.

 I tend to avoid white tights since they don't flatter my legs (latina legs) and just make them look wrong. Coloured tights are possible but tricky, just keep the outfit neutral and let the colourful tights do the talking. And as for printed tights, I apply the same rule as with coloured tights: Keep it simple on the outfit. My inspiration for tights comes from surfing through various fashion blogs, fashion runways and just how I am. I personally love checking Tokyo Street Fashion for inspiration and when I feel daring.

 You can pair tights with tigh-highs and knee-highs too. But for bottoms, I prefer tight skirts, A line skirts and shorts (including anything high waist). But really, tights are meant to be fun and to experiment with. Just another way to express yourself and your personality. Don't be afraid to experiment, just know when to say "It doesn't look good".


Where have you been, young lady?!

 It feels like forever since I've posted. It also feels like the 100th time I make up excuses to why I haven't posted. But alas, I've been so busy. I'm finishing up the trimester and I also started working with Erika Peña, on my internship. So basically, I have no time to breathe or think, but I do have some things lined up that I want to do. However, today's post may be short but it is so full of epicness. 

 The Alexander McQueen, along with the lovely Sara Burton, have come out with some new scarfs! I secretly think they're plotting to leave me bankrupt because frankly, I want them all. I'm just amazed how the legacy of McQueen has continued long after his death. The McQueen team is doing us all proud, it's like he hasn't even left. Well, to me, he didn't die, he's just hanging out with Elvis, Marilyn, Michael Jackson, etc... Anyway, sit back and try to hold on to your drool with these amazing scarfs. Feel free to gift me with one if you want, just saying...


Almighty Thor

 It's been a tiring week, been so damn busy. I seriously can't wait to get a break. Anyway, I went out on a double date yesterday with my brother, his girlfriend and my beau. We went to see Thor, since we all like mythology and Nordic things. We had a great time and I recommend the movie if you like that type of thing, plus Chris Hemsworth isn't bad to look at either. Anyway, the post is mainly to show my outfit and to tell you to watch the movie! Haha, enjoy!

 Desi, check her out here.
Yafy and Fer, check them out also.


Lovely Fragrance

 Hey, everyone! 

Quick post today, I have a little bit of news. My friend Nilmari has a new blog on fragrance soaps and illustrations she does and sells, it's called Lovely Fragrance. I bought one of her soaps as a gift for my mom, so I haven't personally tried them but they do smell good! She makes them herself, including a cute package. They're affordable and good for the skin. So check her out.


The End Is Near!

 The end of my trimester, I mean. Yes, you heard right! My trimester is ending in 2 week on May 19th. Now, this doesn't mean I get to enjoy my summer completely, for I am going to study during summer. I'm currently swamped with work ranging from Maya 3D modeling, Flash animation to freaking math... Such is life. But I do have awesome news! I took the joy of lurking ASOS' online shop and I found some awesome things that are now in my wish list. I'm here to share the things with you guys, and encourage you to go check them out! Especially the clearance... 

Now, as with Topshop, I have a love and hate relationship with ASOS. Meaning, I do like a lot of their stuff, but I think some of the prices are beyond mental. Just like with Topshop. I'm the type of person who's not willing to spend a lot of money on something I know I can find for much less. None the less, I did find a bunch of things I'm interested in. So, I'm going to stop my rambling and show you guys.

 As you can see, I'm obsessed with head bandannas at the moment. Only have one of my own, though.

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