Marry The Night

This isn't necessarily a fashion post, but it's personal to me.
 I swear, on my past life I was either a warrior or a wolf. The way I respect the night and a fight is just ridiculous. I've always wanted a tattoo, but always wanted to have one with a meaning. One day I just woke up, called my beau and told him I wanted him to sketch me a wolf howling at the moon. I didn't know what it meant, but I knew this would be my 1st tattoo. A couple of days later, I started to recall my old water polo teammates. How we were like a wolf pack. If I was in trouble, they were there in a minute. We were always together and had each others back. No matter how much we fought during the game, we always delivered. We were the best for 2 years straight. Then we were all separated. I was devastated and eventually quit water polo. That's where the tattoo came from. The wolf forever howling for it's pack. It was perfect! And truly, I cannot wait to get this on me, probably my wrist. 
 The way I view the night is with so much respect. I'm always alert and the night is interesting to me. Thing hiding, party starting, life is lived. People let go and for once, they don't care what others think. My style, it's kind of based on the night. That mysterious aura, that silent movement and dark sinister side. I view people as alpha or beta, and truthfully I'm a closet alpha. Meaning, I don't necessarily wish to lead, but I will not be anyone's beta. I sometimes find myself staring down people who dare stare me in the eye for too long. I find it funny sometimes, how people just fidget uncomfortably. Anyway, I just stop sometimes and marvel at the beauty the night is. How beautiful the stars look, and that night cold air around me when I just sit and relax. That wild primitive need to run and run until your lying on your back panting from exhaustion. 

 It may be a mystical way of thinking, but that's who I am. That's where my imagination is fed. That's how I express myself. That little part inside of us that believes there is more than what we know, what we see. That naive way of seeing things. This is how I view my world, take it or leave it. It's wonderful to me, but I don't expect others to understand or view the world this way. My world, my style, is my own. My goal is to help people. For them to take a piece of what I do, what I am, so they can create their own style. Not copy me, but create. Anyway, I guess that's all I had to say. I may have rambled, and this may not make sense but, oh well.  Also, Gaga's new CD is massively brilliant. It kind of inspired this whole post (hence the title). I wish she would come to Puerto Rico and I could meet her. Sigh~ A girl can dream.

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