How old are you?

 When did you start the blog?
 I started in 2009 to channel my experiences as a new college student, but turned it into fashion and make-up in early 2011.

 What do you do?
I'm currently on my last year of uni. I'll be getting my bachelors in Graphic Design to then do a masters in Advertising.

 Where are you from?
I'm from a Caribbean Island called Puerto Rico.

Why a blog?
 I know a lot of people don't understand why others write on blogs, but I see it as giving my two cents on something. I find myself researching things i wish to buy first and I sometimes come up short, so I decided to contribute for those who are curious about buying something but want to research on it first.

Where do you see yourself in the future?
 Truthfully, and people laugh at me, I wish to travel. I'm currently looking into teaching english in South Korea while I find a job in Graphic Design.

 Do you ever dress "normally"?
 To me, the way I dress IS normal.

How would you describe your style?
Ever changing. Right now I'm at a very minimalistic and androgynous type of style. I like my button downs with some oxfords or loafers.

Favorite Make-Up Brands?
MAC, NARS, Tarte and Asian brands are some I gravitate to the most.

Favorite Make-Up artists? 
Charlotte Tilbury & Lisa Eldridge are two MUAs I always seem to admire the most.

Favortie candy?
Twizzlers, Reeses & York.

What do you look for in clothes?
Right now I'd say comfort. I'm at a time where I just like to grab something and go. Of course, keeping in mind that I do want to look good. Gotta keep the beau happy, ya know?

How much do you blog?
I'd say roughly 12hours - 7days a week. By this I don't mean that I sit staring at my blog and writing, but I do plan posts ahead of time and I always keep on the look out for possible posts.

Why make-up?
Well, I like to experiment and paint my face. Who doesn't? It's a fun to try out new things everyday and see how I can transform myself. The face is my canvas and I'm simply a four year old child with finger paint. What I mean is, the whole sitting down and applying make up is a sort of meditation time for me. It's a time where I truly sit down and not think. I just go with the flow and relax. Everyone should take at least 5min a day to just relax, this is just my personal way of doing so.

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