Sneak Preview For Vintage Lovers!

 Ok, the cat is out of the bag. Today I interviewed the lovely owner of Ouna's Closet, a vintage store, and being as I am I just have to show you a sneak peak or a teaser. Just a picture taken while there so I can spike up your interest. I'll be doing 2 posts on the whole interview. One will be the interview and pictures & the second will be somewhat like a behind the scenes and more of the experience. So, here we go!

                                                  *Please ignore my herp face as I was talking while the picture was being taken.*


And The Colour Begins!

It's exciting to see how fashion works. To witness how trends are a cycle, what was old is now new and new is now old. This time around we're going to witness a gorgeous epidemic of colour around the streets. The bold & daring. I myself don't tend to gravitate to such bold colours, but seeing it so much makes me have some courage to do so. After all, isn't that what fashion is all about?

 Bold, a word I myself  cringed at upon hearing it. Dressing "under the radar" just to avoid glances or whispers is very tiresome. I say, we put aside these thoughts and just go with it. What are we to lose? We strike out sometimes, but we hit home runs
too! These colours we're seeing in the new trend is just some splash in this darkness we're having. It can be done differently, a little splash of colour within black or neutral colours. It's easier than most imagine. Just wear it with confidence. Let's embrace it!


Finally! Logo almost finished.

Hazaah! The logo is finally almost complete. As you can see, I'm almost finished with my header or banner. I've been working on it for my Flash class and for obvious benefits. The last touches were with the help of my dear friend Nilmari, I had the last vision just didn't know how to go about it so she helped a little. I still have to tweak some things, like the letter 'G'. Enjoy the beauty of it and I'm considering taking commissions. Otherwise, be sure to look out for a new colour blast post I'll make about the trends that are coming this way!


Half Frame

Super sunglass
$165 - gargyle.com

Sunglasses vintage sunglass
9.50 GBP - urbanexcess.com

Leonard Half Tort/Half Clear
$160 - gargyle.com

'Clubmaster' sunglasses RAY BAN
139 GBP - farfetch.com

Currently on a mission to find Half Frame Sunglasses. I've always liked old looking glasses, even John Lenon style sunglasses. So I was very excited when Half Frame glasses were popping up on the fashion scene again. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any for myself. I found some at New Look, but I'd like to be able to go out and personally buy them...in person. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open out for these babies, and I will eventually have them! Fashion rejoice!


Back In Time

Short short

Prada handbag
$1,735 - raffaello-network.com

Straw hat
$48 - nordstrom.com

$1.99 - retrocitysunglasses.com

I just adore how vintage looking one-piece swimwear is coming back this summer. That flirty pin-up style is just to die for. Splashes of colours, cute prints and confidence is definitely going to make an appearance this summer. I can't wait to get one, and from me that's saying a lot since I dislike the beach, but to get a chance to wear all of this! HA! Beach, here I come!


Yesterday I accompanied my mum on some errands and it ended up being in a building that had an abandoned asylum right in front of it. Needless to say, I had to have my picture taken for my Outfit Of The Day in front of the asylum. It was horrifyingly beautiful, I was awe struck.

  On the top: I'm wearing a simple old black v-neck and a denim vest that used to be a denim jacket and I just cut it up.
 On the bottom: I have a black/white stripped skirt, black tights & some biker ankle boots.
 Accessories: Even though you can't see it, I have my cross earrings shown in my last haul and on of the chunky necklaces. For my purse, it's a vintage Chanel look alike.

 After the errands I went to the mall and got my new babies. I am now the proud owner of two pair of Doc Martens. The first ones I got were pale pink docs, that I found for $52. I had decided never to get the black original docs, since I'd prefer the more crazy styled docs that are made. But after some stress, I finally saw the light and got the black docs so I can pair them up with everything. Of course, I put them on right after i got them! Sadly I was tired and didn't take pictures of them. However, I'm sure you will see them soon, since they're going to be attached to my feet for a long time. I'm just love struck! Now, if you're from PR and want some docs, pray that Journey's have them. They generally bring them in men sizes and only black, and they bring a really small amount of docs (docs aren't famous here). For girls it's close to impossible getting docs here. Luckily there were a pair of black girl docs in the back hiding and waiting for me. For that I am grateful.

 Apart from that, the weekend has been going on smoothly. I did check F21, just out of curiosity. Nothing stood out to me, although they did bring a 32 and 100 eye shadow palette which were $17 and lower. Oh! And some really nice scarves for some really nice prices. If you're interested in any of those, then by all means go check them out.


Louis Vuitton's Fall runway 2011 with Marc Jacobs

Since I'm sick, I decided to finally do my out-take on this fall collection. It's been long over do, but it was forever on my to-do list.

 Now, I apologize for posting so many pictures but, apart from the McQueen 2011 Fall show, this was my favorite show. FYI, I'm an Old Times/Era kind of girl, I mostly dislike sci-fi, so when I saw that Marc did a 40's-50's style runway I went nuts! I mean, the man incorporated the Peter Pan collar which I'm obsessed with. French maid uniforms, mid-calf skirts, cinched-waist silhouettes...what more can a girl ask for?! The mere detailing on each piece is wonderful, and the splash of colours from time to time was so nice. And a hint of dominatrix, very very very nice. And of course Naomi and Kate Moss graced us by strutting it down the runway. I was completely in love!

Sick Day.

  So, for the past week I've been sick & it's taking its toll on me. I had to miss class today and I hate it since I had 3D Design Maya today, and that class is a pretty important class which I can't afford to miss much. However, while sick I've been able to work on a business card I'm creating for the blog and I have a sneak peak of it for you guys. Keep in mind that it is made by me, which means the logo is completely mine so do not attempt to copy it. I am studying Graphic Design, which allows me to create my own banners, logo, websites, etc. I only ask for you guys to enjoy my art and respect it. Yes, I am up for commissions on logos, but keep in mind I will charge and logos aren't inexpensive. They're time consuming and art I will do with pride. Now, I'll stop my serious talk and show you what I have up until now.


  As with most of my work, and blog, I like to keep it clean and chic. Modern yet classic, with my favorite font, Didot. This may not be the finished result, I still don't know how I feel about it. What I do know is that I want a black business card. I've always felt they look more mysterious, professional and unique. I'm no so sure I want critique at this point, since I'm not sure how I feel about the card yet, but I could welcome some as long as they're respectful.

  Also, I'm thinking of doing a post of all the make-up I have up until now (which isn't much) and giving my personal review on them. I still have a lot more make-up to pick up along the way, you can never have enough. Also, my goal is to be able to use M.A.C's recycle program so I can help. And I've been planning on selling more of my wardrobe, just haven't gotten around to picking which pieces, but I'll let you guys know.


Free Tuesday.

So, today we had a national holiday which means no class for moi. I accompanied my mum to get some things at Burlington Coat Factory. Let me tell you, I've been there twice, two different stores and I dislike them the same. When you first go in you get this feeling of disorganization. I don't like the atmosphere there at all. Add to that of course that I don't get inspired to even skim through the clothing. I don't know if it's just the stores here in Puerto Rico or what. I did rather enjoy the jewelery section, I was able to pick a few bits. As a mentioned in one of my posts, I'm craving chunky necklaces and today I was able to get a few, and I'm quite happy with them.

  ps: I found it funny that my mum gave me this blazer today (she bought the wrong size) since it resembles the F21 one I posted about yesterday.

Crossing My Fingers!

 Okay, I am officially praying to the fashion gods to answer my prayer and bring the items, I will post below, to Puerto Rico. All of these things have so much potential, and I have so many ideas to work with them. Of course, all the items that I'll post are from F21 since it's one of the few good/affordable stores we have here. I was just casually checking their new stock and stumbled upon these. I just mentally squealed, since it's 4am and I'm sick and can't squeal out loud. 

 I've been pretty out of it today, since I have a terrible cold and I keep sneezing all over the place. Give a girl a break, illness! I had to skip my last class due to taking some Benadryl to survive, but of course I fell into a deep sleep. Now here I am at 4am, with nothing to do but browse for clothing. Which reminds me, I've been obsessing over fashion and daydreaming about taking over the fashion industry in P.R and ruling it! I know, must be the lack of oxygen getting to my brain because of all the mucous (ew!). My imagination has been at it lately, but I'm grateful since it's fueling my drive to be someone in the industry. 

 (this is me, sick)

Also, last bit of news, for now. I did a logo for a local photography company called doubleO and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I was given the idea by the owner and I'm pretty happy with the result and how it looks to be up in the website. It's kinda surreal to know someone is using a logo you created. If you click on the last page of the website, there will be a bit about me and my banner which will link you back here at my blog. Overall, I'm happy...but sick!

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