Half Frame

Super sunglass
$165 - gargyle.com

Sunglasses vintage sunglass
9.50 GBP - urbanexcess.com

Leonard Half Tort/Half Clear
$160 - gargyle.com

'Clubmaster' sunglasses RAY BAN
139 GBP - farfetch.com

Currently on a mission to find Half Frame Sunglasses. I've always liked old looking glasses, even John Lenon style sunglasses. So I was very excited when Half Frame glasses were popping up on the fashion scene again. Sadly, I haven't been able to find any for myself. I found some at New Look, but I'd like to be able to go out and personally buy them...in person. I'm definitely going to keep my eyes open out for these babies, and I will eventually have them! Fashion rejoice!


  1. We love sunglasses as well, can never get too many. Thank you for sharing and for contacting us through IFB, love your blog!

  2. Half Frame= Vintage= Love <3
    I really like half framed sunglasses!!


  3. I got a pair of these from H&M and I love them. And as they were cheap it doesn't matter if I lose or sit on them, unlike my Raybans.

    I think everyone will be wearing these this summer.



  4. Its very retro, I have even seen people wearing them with a floral rim. There are plenty in the UK, maybe check out ASOS as they should have some x

  5. I'm just crazy about any vintage accessory! They are, without a doubt, a must!


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