Claire's & Make-up?! What?!

I know it sounds weird, but it's true. Of course, Claire's has always been doing make-up but as a little girl, which was when I went into the store, I never paid much attention. Now all grown up, I always avoid it since it has a weird plastic smell. For some reason I decided to go in and check it out. My mum and I went to see the make-up and it was at a very good price. Of course, I considered it the make-up I'd have on the go or for emergencies. As I got home and tested how pigmented the swatches were, I was surprised to see that most of the palettes I got were very pigmented indeed. Of course, not professional pigmented but it makes do. Most of what I got was ranging between $12 to $5 which is good for beginners or people who need some spare make-up. I still think the accessories at Claire's is too expensive, that hasn't changed. But I say, if you're like me and haven't been into Claire's for years then go check it out. You might be surprised!

This 12 colour palette wasn't very pigmented but I'd use it for more theatrical looks, not everyday so it's okay.
 Last but not least, my love for chunky necklaces has grown so I'm on the hunt for some. Got this also at Claire's and made the bow.


  1. what a cute bow! I am always on the search for new bows. But, in necklace form. my friend have started calling me the bow hoarder. hehe

    Awesome blog you got there! I am also from PR. The land of heat and horribly dressed people. lol Glad to have ya on this side.


  2. OMG YES! The heat, how I hate it. Also true is what you said about the fashion impaired here... And I was so desperate for a cute bow and never finding one so I made it myself! And thank you <3


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