Crossing My Fingers!

 Okay, I am officially praying to the fashion gods to answer my prayer and bring the items, I will post below, to Puerto Rico. All of these things have so much potential, and I have so many ideas to work with them. Of course, all the items that I'll post are from F21 since it's one of the few good/affordable stores we have here. I was just casually checking their new stock and stumbled upon these. I just mentally squealed, since it's 4am and I'm sick and can't squeal out loud. 

 I've been pretty out of it today, since I have a terrible cold and I keep sneezing all over the place. Give a girl a break, illness! I had to skip my last class due to taking some Benadryl to survive, but of course I fell into a deep sleep. Now here I am at 4am, with nothing to do but browse for clothing. Which reminds me, I've been obsessing over fashion and daydreaming about taking over the fashion industry in P.R and ruling it! I know, must be the lack of oxygen getting to my brain because of all the mucous (ew!). My imagination has been at it lately, but I'm grateful since it's fueling my drive to be someone in the industry. 

 (this is me, sick)

Also, last bit of news, for now. I did a logo for a local photography company called doubleO and I thought I'd share it with you guys. I was given the idea by the owner and I'm pretty happy with the result and how it looks to be up in the website. It's kinda surreal to know someone is using a logo you created. If you click on the last page of the website, there will be a bit about me and my banner which will link you back here at my blog. Overall, I'm happy...but sick!

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