Sick Day.

  So, for the past week I've been sick & it's taking its toll on me. I had to miss class today and I hate it since I had 3D Design Maya today, and that class is a pretty important class which I can't afford to miss much. However, while sick I've been able to work on a business card I'm creating for the blog and I have a sneak peak of it for you guys. Keep in mind that it is made by me, which means the logo is completely mine so do not attempt to copy it. I am studying Graphic Design, which allows me to create my own banners, logo, websites, etc. I only ask for you guys to enjoy my art and respect it. Yes, I am up for commissions on logos, but keep in mind I will charge and logos aren't inexpensive. They're time consuming and art I will do with pride. Now, I'll stop my serious talk and show you what I have up until now.


  As with most of my work, and blog, I like to keep it clean and chic. Modern yet classic, with my favorite font, Didot. This may not be the finished result, I still don't know how I feel about it. What I do know is that I want a black business card. I've always felt they look more mysterious, professional and unique. I'm no so sure I want critique at this point, since I'm not sure how I feel about the card yet, but I could welcome some as long as they're respectful.

  Also, I'm thinking of doing a post of all the make-up I have up until now (which isn't much) and giving my personal review on them. I still have a lot more make-up to pick up along the way, you can never have enough. Also, my goal is to be able to use M.A.C's recycle program so I can help. And I've been planning on selling more of my wardrobe, just haven't gotten around to picking which pieces, but I'll let you guys know.


  1. Hey, Lady. Is Shierley. I really like the design of the business card, it looks very simple and clean. Like they say "Less is More". I would try maybe aligning the blog and contact info to the right but not to close to the edges (maybe taking out the words "contact" and "blog" or adding your name, unless you want to be anonymous) and the part that says "fashion.style.advice" see how it would look in white.

  2. :O
    I forgot to put my name!
    I've been meaning to change the font colours also!
    I'll def. take into consideration what you said.


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