Job interview

Oh my, but I'm posting a lot lately. Well, I'm proud to say I have a job interview tomorrow at 10am. It's  for a chocolate store, and although it isn't my first choice well, a job is a job. This will be my 1st real job experience and I'm really nervous. I hope I do well. First thing I'll buy with my earnings will be Doc Martens, yes. But alas, let me show you what I got today!
Okay, so this is my new MAC lipstick. It's called "Can't get enough" Sheen Supreme Lipstick. I went in looking for a nude colour, only to find out they just fade me out and make me look sick. So next on my list was to check the new Gaga one, since it also donates money, but again it didn't fit me. So I fell in love with this one here, it's a creamy coral-ish burgundy colour and looks really nice. So I'm happy with my buy.

ps: Part of the MAC recycling system is that if you take 6 empty shadow containers you get a free lipstick so DO IT!

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