Super Exciting News.

Good evening readers! Today I have a couple of really exciting news that I'm so happy to share with you. As I've mentioned a couple of times, I've been looking for a foundation after thinking thoroughly about it. I've always been apprehensive about foundations since I live in an island which tends to be humid. My take on foundation was that it would clog my pores and I'd go mad! I know, a little erratic but...

Anyway! At first I was going to get L'oreal's Souffle Foundation which retails for $16. A couple of days before getting it, I found out they test on animals, which disqualifies them. My next mission was find a good affordable foundation that was healthy and they didn't test on animals. Enter Clinique Perfect Real Make-up foundation (12 shade). It retails for $24 and let me tell you, once I tried it, I fell in love with it in 0.5sec. It blends extremely well and just leaves you looking so natural! Gosh, what a way to start my new love for foundation. With that I got Clinique Blended Powder with the brush in 08 Transparency Neutral, which retails at $20,  and was the cherry on top of the lovely dark chocolate 100calories cake. With this they gave me a 7 day scrub, which I've yet to try so I owe you that review. 

After I got all that, I accompanied my mum to get her the best concealer ever, Amazing Cosmetics Amazing Concealer. I have a tube, that retails for $42, and it has lasted me more than a year. I truly suggest this concealer, it's perfect and you need such a little amount for full coverage. Back to my story, while getting the concealer at Sephora, I always check the bastkets with samples and I found the Stila Heart Blush for $14. I've been wanting to test out Stila for some time but never got around to it since they didn't have any in Puerto Rico. Finally they brought the blush and it is lovely.  Nice calm day is just what I needed to relax.

Extra Good News:
 I booked an interview with the vintage store called Ouna's Closet so expect the interview soon and some pictures! Wish me luck!

*Also, I hope to bring good news to you guys soon about a little secret. Soon, i don't want to jinx anything*

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