New Photo Promo

  This last Friday I got together with Lalale to take some pictures I later decided to use as more promo for the Fashion blog. Here are my top shots, they are lovely and we had such a good time. She's very talented and a very good friend of mine so check her out. I know I can definitely count on her for gorgeous shots and to bring red velvet cupcakes.
      Also, I'll be interviewing a vintage store called Ouna's Closet, which I will post. I'll have pictures and the Q's & A's, along with the website, the map to the store and the online store. It's a better way for you, the reader, to get a better feeling of the vintage way and also go crazy shopping. So stay posted for that along with my maybe surprise maybe not. I don't want to spoil anything in case it can't happen, although I really want it to since it would be a great chance for me to prove my worth.


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