Louis Vuitton's Fall runway 2011 with Marc Jacobs

Since I'm sick, I decided to finally do my out-take on this fall collection. It's been long over do, but it was forever on my to-do list.

 Now, I apologize for posting so many pictures but, apart from the McQueen 2011 Fall show, this was my favorite show. FYI, I'm an Old Times/Era kind of girl, I mostly dislike sci-fi, so when I saw that Marc did a 40's-50's style runway I went nuts! I mean, the man incorporated the Peter Pan collar which I'm obsessed with. French maid uniforms, mid-calf skirts, cinched-waist silhouettes...what more can a girl ask for?! The mere detailing on each piece is wonderful, and the splash of colours from time to time was so nice. And a hint of dominatrix, very very very nice. And of course Naomi and Kate Moss graced us by strutting it down the runway. I was completely in love!

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