Korres Lip Butter | Wild Rose

  I'd been eying this baby for some time but had managed to not buy it, since it is $12, until well...now. After hearing so much about this from my favorite blogger Essiebutton and seeing that it did actually look very pretty, I decided to check it out. While in California this was my go-to lip color/balm when I didn't want a full on lipstick, and after a few weeks of trying it I think I can give a good honest review.
  First let me express my love for the actual product package. Being a Graphic Design student and seeing this made me all giddy and happy. I actually kept the box for inspiration and I would go as far as to buy all the colors just to keep the boxes. Too much? Nah. After getting over my initial obsession with said package, heh sounds dirtyyyyy, I decided to get serious and start paying attention to the lip butter. The initial reaction was good, I liked the color and I liked how it wasn't that goupy lip gloss feel. However, with time I have to say the texture wasn't my favorite. I mean, I prefer the Revlon lip butters texture so much more. Although it isn't super goupy it does have some goupy tendencies, which I don't care for so much. Also I noticed it didn't last long on my lips which is sad! I mean, I really like the color but is it worth $12? Im not so sure. I don't regret buying it but the jury is still out if I buy it again or not.


California Diary

 Just got back from a mini vacation in California. I loved most of it, but I hated L.A. Anyway, I can't wait to show you guys the goodies I got and also review them. Also, I'm not a LUSH Cosmetics virgin anymore! I'm in love with that store, but more on that later!



 Hey, guys! I'm going to be out for a week since I'll be heading out to California. I'm going to be checking out thrift stores, China Town and more so I hope to bring back some cool stuff to show you all. Anyway, I hope you all have a good weekend and I'll see you all soon! Oh, leave some suggestion, if you have any, for me on the comments.


Nude Obsession

 I think I've made it pretty clear that I'm having an unhealthy obsession with anything nude colored. To think that I once was against it since I thought I couldn't pull it off. You know the hate-something-because-you-can't-have-it syndrome? Yeah, that one. Now I go crazy and I'm more daring to try out nudes. Last time I wrote about nudes I was on the look out for a nude blush, which I found and will write a review later!
Avon Cream Blush- Nude, Maybelline Baby Lips- Peach Kiss, MAC- Beach Sand, MAC- Shy Girl, MAC- Honey Love, Revlon- Creme Brulee, Rimmel- Nude Delight


Two for $2

 I've been trying out this Wet n Wild duo I got at the drugstore for $2. Think about it that's a good deal, right? I got the more neutral/naked eyeshadow trio with a mascara. The shadow trio is very nice, pigmented and portable. However, I don't tend to choose it often (nothing against it). In it's defense, I've basically forgone eyeshadows and liners, now I go out with just mascara. For the mascara, well I'm a bit apprehensive. At first I liked the fact that it painted my lashes black, which is what I look for in a mascara. My lashes are long so I tend to stray away from "volumizing" mascaras. But after using this for some weeks I did notice that my eyes were watering a lot during the day, so I've stopped using it. And yes, the eye watering has now stopped. Also, the mascara formula is very watery. My conclusion is, yes to the eyeshadow trio and no to the mascara.



  After eying this Lime Crime lipstick in COSMOPOP for a long time I decided to go ahead and purchase it so I could try it out. If you haven't heard about Lime Crime before (which I highly doubt) they make these really pigmented lipsticks in a variety of colors. COSMOPOP caught my attention because it's a color I've never seen before. It's a pastel orange, which is very hard to pull of when worn full on. However, I found a way around it and I absolutely love it.
Their lipsticks I find are a bit pricey, they cost $16 plus the shipping makes them go for around $30. I had to buy mine on ebay since I wasn't willing to pay so much. As for quality, I do feel that it does wear off fairly quick and I have to retouch it throughout the day at least 3 times. It's an opaque color and it goes very soft on the lips. Not the most moisturizing lippie ever, but it's not drying. It's definitely a brand I'd think more than twice before buying again. 


Transitioning From Day to Night

 Finally, an outfit related post! It's been ages since I do one. Why haven't I? I've just been feeling more attuned to make-up and reviews, that and no one ever wants to take a picture of my outfits... Sad, really. Anyway! Since I did a collaboration with Desi, I decided to go ahead and do a transition outfit from day to night! If you're like me then you're always on the go and sometimes don't have the time to go an change for a night out. So this post is a bit of help on how simple you can take an outfit from a day casual look to a more night out look. Enjoy!
  Going to uni or anywhere sometimes entails being comfortable. I love being comfortable but stylish, which is an easy task. Here I took a simple polka dot peplum blouse, which gives me a more curvy appearance, and paired it with some simple blue jeans. To add another print into the mix, I added some leopard print loafers which gives the outfit a quirky touch. Tying my hair up into a bun gives me a more casual yet put together look, which I paired with my glasses. As for make-up? A simple cat-eye liner and a hot pink lippie did the trick. And add a messenger bag to continue that casual look.
Blouse- Marshalls, Jeans- F21, Shoes- Steve Madden, Bag- F21
 After spending your whole day in class, you want to unwind and maybe go out to drink with the girls. But wait, you don't have time to change! No problem, here's what you need to do. Adding a sleek pair of black pumps adds a much needed length. You can even un-cuff the ends of your jeans to add even more length. By letting down you hair you give a more mysterious feel to the outfit, which you can later pair up with a turban headband. Finally, ditch your messenger bag for a nice sleek black clutch. The pop of color in this outfit is all in the lips. Remember, black goes with everything, even the lips. 
Pumps- Aldo, Clutch- Office Max, Turban- DIY by Desi


Revlon Batch

  I've been searching for the perfect nude blush and have yet to find one, sadly, but I did get two bits. Both these products are perfect for that spring make-up look. Lately, I've been wearing almost no make-up and these are products I gravitate to. Cream blushes, when used right, give a gorgeous flush of color that looks very natural. Which is why I love this Revlon Rosy Glow blush, it's a lovely muted pink. And for the lips I've been leaning towards either tinted lip balms or nudes, which is why I'm loving the Revlon Lip Balms. In my opinion, they give the effect of a glossy lip without all the goupyness a lip gloss brings. Creamsicle is a very muted peach, almost like a sherbet drink or something. It's a muted version of the Lime Crime Cosmopop lipstick (which I have and will be reviewing) but I do like Creme Brule better. Then again, I'm a Revlon fan so I generally like a lot of their products! What are you guys wearing this Spring/Summer?


The Ever Elusive NYX Matte Lipsticks

   I'd pretty much given up on finding NYX's matte lipsticks since I'd searched for them for a pretty long time, but my search is now over! Seriously, I couldn't find these anywhere! I found a stash not long ago with a pretty nice selection. Since I'm still venturing into the pink side of lipsticks I chose these two babes. Even though they're matte I don't find them to be drying at all. They last all day and they're very pigmented.

  Sweet Pink I was a little apprehensive before buying it. It was the only one and someone had swatched it. In the end I got it and thoroughly cleaned it again and again, and now it's good as new. It's my favorite of the two I got and I'm really happy I did get it. This shade of pink suits any skin tone, dark or fair. Actually, it would look divine on darker skin tones.

  As for Bloody Mary, it may look red but trust me there's some pink in it. It's a cross between red and pink and it looks very pigmented when on. I like wearing it and only applying mascara on my eyes, that way I let the lipstick take front and center. This is amazing on fair skins, especially if you have darker hair this baby will pop! I love it. I'm very happy with them both and I may look into getting more since they're only $5.



 Hi, guys! I did a collaboration with miss Desi on some turban DIY's she did. I styled three of the four looks we did, and I'm showing two here (the other one is for another post). So, if you wish to learn how to make your own turban, go check out her post. If you wish to see a couple of idea on how to style them, then keep on reading!
 For the first look we did, I wanted to to be delicate to go with the bronze color of the turban. We did a very sultry eye look and kept the rest of my face very nude. I picked a flowy white ankle length dress and used gold accessories to blend well with the turban. For hair, I tucked most of mine to one side to give it an undercut effect. And last, for shoes I went with some nude pumps to give the effect of longer looking legs. The whole look is very chic and relaxed with a hint of elegance.
  When I styled Desirée I decided to go for a look you can wear to uni or to a rave. Very relaxed and light. I went for a simple graphic tank tucked into a black and white stripe body con skirt. I layered a denim button down shirt and topped it off with some combat boots. For accessories we went with silver to keep it clean and simple. As for make-up we did a very clean face, not using any eyeliner but only mascara and a nice sheer lip balm.

 We kept the looks clean and simple, letting the turban shine through without looking like a fortune teller. Remember to pass through Desi's blog to check out her DIY and also stay tuned for another look I did about transitioning your outfit from day to night. Hope you all enjoyed!

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