The Ever Elusive NYX Matte Lipsticks

   I'd pretty much given up on finding NYX's matte lipsticks since I'd searched for them for a pretty long time, but my search is now over! Seriously, I couldn't find these anywhere! I found a stash not long ago with a pretty nice selection. Since I'm still venturing into the pink side of lipsticks I chose these two babes. Even though they're matte I don't find them to be drying at all. They last all day and they're very pigmented.

  Sweet Pink I was a little apprehensive before buying it. It was the only one and someone had swatched it. In the end I got it and thoroughly cleaned it again and again, and now it's good as new. It's my favorite of the two I got and I'm really happy I did get it. This shade of pink suits any skin tone, dark or fair. Actually, it would look divine on darker skin tones.

  As for Bloody Mary, it may look red but trust me there's some pink in it. It's a cross between red and pink and it looks very pigmented when on. I like wearing it and only applying mascara on my eyes, that way I let the lipstick take front and center. This is amazing on fair skins, especially if you have darker hair this baby will pop! I love it. I'm very happy with them both and I may look into getting more since they're only $5.


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