Korres Lip Butter | Wild Rose

  I'd been eying this baby for some time but had managed to not buy it, since it is $12, until well...now. After hearing so much about this from my favorite blogger Essiebutton and seeing that it did actually look very pretty, I decided to check it out. While in California this was my go-to lip color/balm when I didn't want a full on lipstick, and after a few weeks of trying it I think I can give a good honest review.
  First let me express my love for the actual product package. Being a Graphic Design student and seeing this made me all giddy and happy. I actually kept the box for inspiration and I would go as far as to buy all the colors just to keep the boxes. Too much? Nah. After getting over my initial obsession with said package, heh sounds dirtyyyyy, I decided to get serious and start paying attention to the lip butter. The initial reaction was good, I liked the color and I liked how it wasn't that goupy lip gloss feel. However, with time I have to say the texture wasn't my favorite. I mean, I prefer the Revlon lip butters texture so much more. Although it isn't super goupy it does have some goupy tendencies, which I don't care for so much. Also I noticed it didn't last long on my lips which is sad! I mean, I really like the color but is it worth $12? Im not so sure. I don't regret buying it but the jury is still out if I buy it again or not.


  1. I really really like these. Back when I was working at Sephora I would wear these constantly while working at the store. They sold a three pack for $19.95 and I bought that. You can also use it as a cheek tint, if you like a dewy finish on your cheeks. The Pomegranate one is probably my favorite :)

    1. I just find they fade so fast. Am I doing something wrong?


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