Revlon Batch

  I've been searching for the perfect nude blush and have yet to find one, sadly, but I did get two bits. Both these products are perfect for that spring make-up look. Lately, I've been wearing almost no make-up and these are products I gravitate to. Cream blushes, when used right, give a gorgeous flush of color that looks very natural. Which is why I love this Revlon Rosy Glow blush, it's a lovely muted pink. And for the lips I've been leaning towards either tinted lip balms or nudes, which is why I'm loving the Revlon Lip Balms. In my opinion, they give the effect of a glossy lip without all the goupyness a lip gloss brings. Creamsicle is a very muted peach, almost like a sherbet drink or something. It's a muted version of the Lime Crime Cosmopop lipstick (which I have and will be reviewing) but I do like Creme Brule better. Then again, I'm a Revlon fan so I generally like a lot of their products! What are you guys wearing this Spring/Summer?


  1. I like revlon's cream blushes, they give a hint of color not too overbearing....

    1. excatly! It looks very natural


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