Day Out

 So, today was the fated day to try out this local thrift store called Electroshock. They were brought to my attention mainly because, apart from being a thrift store, they have really good prices ($10 - $30). The only thing I regret is going at 2pm, because it was hot and all I wanted to do was leave and hide in an air conditioned room. However I did get 3 pieces, and I do suggest you check it out... just not in the afternoon. 
  I got this white over sized shirt because I just love the pattern details and it's very light weight, so no heat. Also got 2 sets of earrings to pop up my accessory drawer. Nothing big. I went with a budget of $20, since they only take cash. It was fun to look around and I did see some cool pieces that would have been great if they had my size. All in all, I liked it. I vote we get more thrift stores here in PR, we need them.

 Now enjoy some pictures I took today...


Family Day

 Just us cousins being stupid with a bunch of cameras and a lot of time.



 I've always been intrigued by M.A.C and how they create and expand their brand. However, I could never freely afford to buy it, so I don't really own many M.A.C products. Pity, really. Needless to say they're known for their good pigmentation and I chose to get 2 very pigmented lipsticks.
 I decided to indulge myself, so I got Rebel (a satin finish) and Morange (a amplified finish). I'm pretty bold lipstick wise, I know what I want and I read before hand. I personally like only matte lipsticks or sheen, no frost in them. For my ivory skin type I tend to look better with darker lipsticks, which I have no shame in rocking. I originally went to get a lip glass I'd seen called Caqui, but it was limited and sold out. In a fit of rampage I decided to get the 2 lipsticks. Needless to say the store clerk loved that part! I was a bit disappointment with a clerk who gave me costumer service. I may not be a professional make-up artist, but I know my stuff. I kept asking her questions she didn't know how to answer and in turn treated me like I was a clueless buffoon. I, at one point, asked her if there was any lipstick close to a dusty rose colour. She didn't even know what dusty rose is! And she gave me a pale barbie pink! I looked like a hooker, I say. A hooker! Can you say "suck-y, suck-y, five dolla'"? Geez! But apart from that, I liked the store.
 So far my collection consists of Rebel, Morange and Viva Glam Gaga. I had another but gave it to my mum. Hopefully, my collection will grow with patience and restraint. I don't want to blow my whole paycheck there! Must.Resist.Urge!



 I had today off and went off to explore Forever 21 in depth. It's been some time since I really roam it, if you know what I mean. I found that they finally brought the Love & Beauty collection to PR. The collection as of now consists of nail polishes, face care products, nail care products, mirrors, hair brushes, etc. I know they're still missing a lot of the make-up you see in the online store but it's a start. 
  I didn't mind getting clothing items, I'm saving for winter wear but I did like the new goodies they have. I got a new wallet that can be used as a clutch since my wallet is slowly dying. This new one has a crocodile detail and it's a really nice chocolate colour. As for the space, it's pretty nice and roomy for now, I'll give it some time so I can adjust to the change. Next I got 2 jewelry pieces. The spike earrings were for $1.50 which I love about F21, accessible fashionable jewelery for less for that nice style detail so you don't have to invest in something that may go out of style. Also got a gold scuff ring which I adore. I've been making my peace with gold jewelry and this ring is just timeless and elegant. I'm hoping I can score a gold necklace too. Then I got some funky polka dot socks I thought would look spiffy (yes, I said spiffy) with my new Romwe cut out boots! Last but not least I got some Green Tea Cleansing Tissues so I could try them out. I've heard good things about them but each skin is different so I'm excited to try them out.
 I had to get a lap top bag since my school bag is now officially dead. Also I needed a discreet bag so I can carry my lap top with more ease. After some hunting we just went to Office Max to look as some bags and I was quite surprised. There were some lovely choices, they ranged from $40 to almost $90. After some pondering I decided to go with this Franklin Covey tote for $54 (I think). I didn't want something cheap that would cause me to get another one so soon, but I also didn't want to spend too much. I love that it actually looks like a normal tote, no lap top included. I'm quite happy with it, the room space is very nice. I just hope we get along for a long time.


Romwe does Balenciaga

 In a previous post I mentioned how I had fallen in love with the Balenciaga cut out boots. You'd also know how they cost more than $1,235, which I could never pay. Here's where the story gets good. I've been following this online store named Romwe for some time, but never bought anything. So here I am browsing their shoe line and I see a Balenciaga knock off for only $100!
 Needless to say I just had to get them. After a server problem, I had to contact Romwe via e-mail. I was expecting bad communication and my e-mail being answered very late. However, I was pleasantly pleased and surprised. The communication was great! They answered my e-mail almost immediately and it wasn't an auto response. They were really kind and the customer service was divine! It took a couple of weeks for the boots to get here, since they're shipped from Singapore (if I'm not mistaken), but they got here.
  At first I was really worried about the fit (I'm a worry wart when it comes to shoe fit) but they fit perfectly. I decided to test them for a couple of days and give a review instead of jumping in an writing about how beautiful and shiny they are... which is well... true. I wore them for 3 days, making sure each day I had to walk a lot. On the 1st day I wore them to college and had no problem what so ever. Same happened on the 3rd day, when I had to run errands. And on the 3rd day I wore them to work (from 11am to 3pm). Let me officially say how comfortable these shoes are! I'm just in awe how good they feel, even more than my Doc Martens! They're really a good investment, and if not the shoes per say, then the store. Truly, it's worth it. The prices are good and the customer service is good.
  Also, keep in mind that they're really easy to wear. Black goes with everything. It's a statement shoe and it's a really fun experience to style them. It may also be a conversation starter. A lot of people stopped me to ask me about my shoes (which I always make it awkward). Also a fun fact is that the shoes say BALENCIAGA on the inside, you can giggle about that and fantasize you have some Balenciagas, you're choice. I know the boots are now retailed at $130 in Romwe, and at the moment are sold out. I'm sure they'll restock them soon, since they got really popular. Until the next post, everyone have a nice weekend!

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