Holiday Gift Ideas No.1

This will be the 1st post I'll be doing, until December 16th, about gift ideas for the holidays. To start these posts off, I'll be introducing the idea no.1: The Isi Ring. The Isi ring is designed and sold by Erika Peña. Although I do intern for her don't be fooled by what I'm about to say. I own an Isi ring, been looking at them since before my internship and I bought it all on my own. I never give a biased opinion. Moving on...
 There are two types of Isi Rings, gold and silver. Gold goes for $30 and silver for $28, which makes them affordable for the public. They are tiny hand cut sterling silver rings made to be worn or stacked at the tips of the fingers. They come in a variation of textures going from Embossed, Lined, Granulated and more.
They can be uniquely stacked to give a very rustic effect. They are also on high demand. The store currently has only a few silver ones, but the gold ones are already sold out. These rings are part of the Moya Collection, accompanied by other pieces that feature my favorite rock, the Druzzy. These rings have been seen on celebrities that go from Rihanna to Candise from Victoria Secret. They are very affordable and very versatile, perfect for a gift. I plan to get more so I can stack them, but at the moment I own one cute little Isi ring.


The $6 Statement Maxi

I never in a million years would have thought to wear a sparkly maxi skirt. If you had asked me a couple of years ago I would have said it was embarrassing. However, it's about that time to try on whatever the hell I like and just go with it. Not all may like it, but I don't dress for all, now do I? I got this skirt for only $6 in a sale going on in Forever 21 at the moment. It's not the best quality. It's very sheer and you can probably see my knickers, but I said "to hell with it" and just got it. It has a slit on the side and I worked that bitch with all my strength. It's a piece that is that hard to wear, it being black helps. When pairing it, you always have to keep in mine that the skirt is the statement piece and we shouldn't try to over power it with another statement piece. The skirt is the star of the show and it's a diva so we treat it as such. I felt my inner Man Repeller come out, so I layered it. A slighty chunky sweater and a DIY vest. Last but not least, a skirt like this deserves to be worn in heels so I strapped on my ACNE wedges and out the door I was.
These pictures were taken on our work break.



 F21 Jacket, Ouna's Closet Vintage Dress, Nine West Oxfords
 This week has been utter madness to me. I was in the middle of finishing my trimester so I was running around crazy. But alas, it's over and I'm taking a trimester off. I've been back an forth between my internship and my job, also my anniversary. I've managed to scrounge up some bits and bobs here and there, but I've been broke because I keep forgetting to deposit. First off, my anniversary gifts...
The beau kept asking me what I wanted and was upset I only asked for make-up. What he doesn't understand is how make-up is the girl version of a toy for me. I've been craving a neutral lipstick for myself and I found the perfect one. He got me "Twig" by M.A.C from the Satin line. It's just perfect and it truly goes with anything in my opinion. It's matte and creamy, without too much shine. Then he got me Illamasqua Cream Pigment in "Bedaub". It's a minty green, very relaxing. I've been craving some mint colors so I can do cat eyeliner with it, so I got it. It's very subtle so I do mix it with some blue to enhance the color, but apart from that it's perfect in my opinion. And like always, Illasmaqua packaging is so nicely done.
The last thing I got was a fur vest. I got this myself, since I skipped getting one last year. I'm not a fan of the one I got but for the price I'll deal for now. I'll be on the lookout for another one soon.


The Power of a Blazer

 In every wardrobe there should always be key items or essentials, the basics. These are the items that are classic and never go out of style. These are also the items we should be willing to splurge on the most, because it's all for a good cause. Blazers are part of this equation. Every man and woman should have a good black blazer on hand for any occasion. The blazer is blessed with the gift of picking up a normal outfit and making it look more tailored and stylish. Just try it, put on a normal white or black t-shirt with some jeans, add a blazer and some pumps and you'll look like a thousand bucks. Dressing well or trendy isn't that hard, all you need to know is how to style up outfits and always keep essentials within reach!
Top- Thrifted, Blazer- H & M, Pants- F21, Shoes- Romwe

Androgynous With a Hint of Feminine

  Lately my style has been leaning towards the androgynous. Neither male nor female, but hanging in between. Pairing a feminine piece with very male like pieces. I like the tailored look you can get, or how a simple outfit can change with just adding a blazer. I also like to have a very fitted piece and counter it with a baggy piece. Personally, I keep my colors neutral and muted. I'm not that big on colors in my outfit. Maybe a pop of color here and there, but I like my blacks, greys and whites. Also, adding a clutch just gives this refined air to an outfit, especially if it has leather. As far as prints go I'm more of a animal print than floral, it all goes back to being more muted. I prefer python or leopard print over a summery floral print. I'd dress in winter wear all year long if it were cold enough here. As it is, I can barely wear a cardigan without sweating.


Trend Watch: Asymmetrical Clothing

 One of my favorite trends right now is asymmetrical clothing, where you don't have a balance either with a top, bottom or outer layer. I love the disheveled look it gives, like you did up your buttons wrong. Seeing everything from the fishtail to an askew item, it's just amazing to me. I love the geometry about it. I'm very strict when picking up asymmetrical clothing, it has to look good and not messy. One has to be very picky about it, you want to look purposefully disheveled, meticulously placed if I may say. I truly am in love with this trend and it's not known here in PR well so I do get curious looks here and there but hey, you gotta work it! And also remember, there are different asymmetrical styles so try them on before committing to buying and using them.
Pictures are from The Scarlet Room & Mikkat Market



 It feels like it's been a long time since I posted. I've been so tired and worn out lately. I went a couple of days with only sleeping 1-2 hours, doing projects and homework. So far I had to read an education thesis and do an essay about it. I designed and have to present tomorrow an invitation design for a fake foundation dinner. I got hired as an intern with Erika and will be working as a fashion intern. Been breaking my back at my job, and I have to work this Friday...which is Black Friday (yey! not). I feel spent and I barely have time to breathe. The good news is that I'm taking this trimester free so I can have some me-time. Also, I styled a friend of mine today at work and she spent $165 on what I picked up for her. It feels nice to have people ask fashion advice at work and elsewhere. I love seeing curious faces eager to learn more, and I'm always more than happy to help. Hope you guys are not as tired as I am!


Let It Grain

 Forgot to take picture during the day, so you guys get poor grainy quality because you deserve it! My outfit was pretty preppy today, the only way a jumper can. I'm sadden to say my boobs can't handle a jumper well without making me look like I'm 20 pounds heavier. Of course, this doesn't mean I'm not going to wear it, pounds be damned and all. 

F21 Jumper, DIY Button Down Shirt, Somewhere Jeans, Erika Peña Ring & Nine West Oxfords

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