Trend Watch: Asymmetrical Clothing

 One of my favorite trends right now is asymmetrical clothing, where you don't have a balance either with a top, bottom or outer layer. I love the disheveled look it gives, like you did up your buttons wrong. Seeing everything from the fishtail to an askew item, it's just amazing to me. I love the geometry about it. I'm very strict when picking up asymmetrical clothing, it has to look good and not messy. One has to be very picky about it, you want to look purposefully disheveled, meticulously placed if I may say. I truly am in love with this trend and it's not known here in PR well so I do get curious looks here and there but hey, you gotta work it! And also remember, there are different asymmetrical styles so try them on before committing to buying and using them.
Pictures are from The Scarlet Room & Mikkat Market

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