Androgynous With a Hint of Feminine

  Lately my style has been leaning towards the androgynous. Neither male nor female, but hanging in between. Pairing a feminine piece with very male like pieces. I like the tailored look you can get, or how a simple outfit can change with just adding a blazer. I also like to have a very fitted piece and counter it with a baggy piece. Personally, I keep my colors neutral and muted. I'm not that big on colors in my outfit. Maybe a pop of color here and there, but I like my blacks, greys and whites. Also, adding a clutch just gives this refined air to an outfit, especially if it has leather. As far as prints go I'm more of a animal print than floral, it all goes back to being more muted. I prefer python or leopard print over a summery floral print. I'd dress in winter wear all year long if it were cold enough here. As it is, I can barely wear a cardigan without sweating.

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