The Power of a Blazer

 In every wardrobe there should always be key items or essentials, the basics. These are the items that are classic and never go out of style. These are also the items we should be willing to splurge on the most, because it's all for a good cause. Blazers are part of this equation. Every man and woman should have a good black blazer on hand for any occasion. The blazer is blessed with the gift of picking up a normal outfit and making it look more tailored and stylish. Just try it, put on a normal white or black t-shirt with some jeans, add a blazer and some pumps and you'll look like a thousand bucks. Dressing well or trendy isn't that hard, all you need to know is how to style up outfits and always keep essentials within reach!
Top- Thrifted, Blazer- H & M, Pants- F21, Shoes- Romwe

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