Korres | Quercetin & Oak Day Cream

This is the type of product I would probably never buy if it wasn't on sale. Luckily it was and I got it for $10. I've said before that my skin has been acting up lately, so I've been trying to do some damage control. My official plan was to use this day cream when I finished my Formula10.0.06 matte moisturizer, but since my skin acted out to the Origins spot remover I decided I needed a moisture boost. This day cream worked from the get go. It definitely helped my dry patches and brought them back to normal. Sadly, apart from that it's just an okay day cream. When you apply it you do get a firm sensation on your face. It's very uncomfortable if you cover the eyebrows, they really feel tight. However, being an antiageing and antiwrinkle products I'm very sure that the tightness is most welcomed. These types of products are good for slowing the wrinkling and aging process, so starting young never hurts. Overall, it's a products I wouldn't buy full price one I run out but if I saw it on sale I just might.


Origins | Super Spor Remover

There comes a time when a girl, who is obsessed with skin care, gets desperate. This time around it was me. I started getting blemishes all over my forehead and cheeks. At first I tried to brush it off but it didn't take long for me to get desperate. After going online and researching I decided to go with Origins Super Spot Remover and try it out. Mind you this is a product all the beauty bloggers were raving about. I say that I'm 50-50 with them. I see a lot of drawbacks that this product brings and I'm not quite sold if to buy it again. 

The product states quite clearly that drying will probably occur in the areas applied. This is most def. true. However, with me it manifested in the areas applied and more. I went from being a combination/oily skin to being dry as hell. I was getting desperate and thinking that even though my spots or blemishes where indeed going down, was it worth my face drying and cracking? My answer is no. I've had to adjust the usage on this product and it seems silly to have to adapt to something instead of it just fitting my routine. I still use it, yes; but now I use it sparsely and I make sure to moisturize accordingly. The thing that truly saved my skin was a red wine Korean face mask that helped replenish my skin and give it back the moisture is so lacked. 

I can't say I'm disappointed on the product. The product clearly states that drying will occur and I read it elsewhere before buying it. I knew what I was getting into before hand. Will I buy it again? Not likely.


OCC | Strumpet

OCC is a brand I've been stalking for about (2) years now, no joke. I've heard so many good things about their lip products and concealers and I always wanted to try them out. I'm a visual person, I like to check things out with my own hands before I decide on buying. This means I avoid online shopping unless I truly can't get my hands on it. Upon hearing that Sephora was going to be selling OCC I was beyond excited but knew I'd have to wait a long time before they actually had them in store here. When I went to Sephora a week ago to get a skin care product and spotted only (3) colors of the lip tars in the baskets in line and decided to get Strumpet.

Here's where the review gets serious and honest. OCC lip tars on not for everyone, in my opinion. You need patience, care and precision to be able to wield these babies. Patience because the lip tars will tend to bleed a bit at first giving you a mustache like the ones we get from drinking Kool Aid or grape juice. This means you're applying too much product even though you only used less than a pea size of the product. You literally need almost no product to cover the whole lips. This is where care and precision come in. You apply this with a lip brush and you have to be very careful because once this sets it sets. There will be no coming back unless you use make up remover with a q-tip or something like that. This is a product I do not recommend retouching during the day because: a. you really don't need to retouch it since it lasts a long time and b. because its messy to retouch it and you may stain something besides your lips. 

This is a product for the more experienced in make up or people who are willing to take the time to practice and play with it. That being said, the product itself is amazing. The stupidly small amount you need to cover the whole lip and the duration of the lip tar is amazing. I have eaten and gone out without even having to retouch my lips. You really need to double check and clean up anything because it will get on your teeth... trust me. My goal now is to get every damn lip tar ever made just because they are that good and will last me a long time. 

Let me know if you wish to see a video on how to apply the lip tar.


Urban Decay | Apocalypse

My last part of the mini haul I got from an Urban Decay sale was this lipstick. I was pretty excited with this since it was only $3 and I'm quite happy with it. The lipstick looks daunting for those who shy away from dark lips, but these lipsticks are actually sheer. It's build able but never loses that sheer factor, so if pigment is what you're looking for this is not it. The durability is average and it's very smooth on the lips. It's not a lipstick I'm constantly reaching for but I really do like it, not a fan of the packaging though. All in all is a good lipstick that I got on sale, but wouldn't have picked up at regular price.


Skin Care Routine

I've been feeling pretty nice about my skin lately and I thought I'd share my routine with you guys. I don't think my routine is too complex and hard to follow. Once you make up your own routine it's pretty easy to just go with it and actually stick to it. One of the things I had to face head on was the fact that good skin care doesn't only mean products but your way of life too. I could use all the products in the world but if I kept with my diet my skin would not improve. Ultimately this skin care journey has been interesting and surprising enough, not hard. 

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser- I use this twice a day (morning and night). I only use a pea size and lather it up. Twice a week I use this cleanser with my Sephora scrub brush.

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub- I use this once a week while bathing. I scrub it on leave it on for 10min and rinse it off.

Freemans Clay Mask in Mint and Lemon- I use this mask once a month to really get in my pores and clean up as much as I can. I apply it evenly around my whole face and leave it on until it dries.

Pond's Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe- This is a very important product to have around. Every time I get home I have to take a towelette and clean my face with it as much as I can before cleansing. This doesn't take all the make up off but it helps provide a better canvas for when you use your cleanser. I also use it when I'm too lazy and sleepy to cleanse (shh).

Formula 10.0.06- Every morning I have to apply my moisturizer, even if I don't use make up that day, to make sure my skin is properly taken care of. 

Nuxe Reve de Miel- I have incredibly chapped lips so lip balms are a must. I use this twice a day (morning and night) to keep my lips in check as much as possible.

Yes to Carrots Night Cream- I apply this almost every night before I go to bed to but some hydration back into my face.

My Beauty Diary Red Vine Mask- Korean face masks are my new obsession and a must have on my book. I have to have a box of them in handy, which I use once a week. This red vine mask is so soothing and an anti-oxidant. I use this at night and when I take it off I don't apply any products and just let the moisture of the mask do its work. I wake up with less dull looking face. It's amazing!


Urban Decay | YDK

Upon getting a newsletter that Urban Decay was having a sale I knew I just had to jump on the band wagon. Seeing as they don't ship here (which is a shame) I had to resort to my super flash texting skills so my aunt could ship them to me. True, UD sales don't have much to choose from, but the prices are very good and hard to pass on. I chose two things to try out, one which was this gorgeous eyeshadow called YDK. What attracted me was the lovely faded copper tone and how it was neutral.

One of the first things I noticed off the bat was how pigmented it was when I swatched it. No streaking and I didn't have to swatch twice. These are ups for me since it makes it easier to apply and blend, and most importantly it makes it quick. I rarely apply eye primer (to lazy to bother) and I'm happy to say I don't need it. I'm not a UD fan but I do love the small portion of products I do own from their label. This shadow is no exception. The color is a more subtle copy of the Maybelline color tattoo ones in Bad To The Bronze. The UD YDK is more light though which discards it as a dupe, and vice versa. I got this shadow for $6 so I'm incredibly happy with it and truly have nothing bad to say about it. I'll keep a look out for the next sale so I can include something for a giveaway.


Skincare Wishlist

$44 - liberty.co.uk

Kiehl s kiehl s

Origins face mask

REN face mask
$29 - johnlewis.com


Since my skin has been giving me some stress I thought I'd share with you my skin care wishlist. I'm hoping to get some of these before I leave for a winter vacation where my skin is going to go haywire. Lately I've been a huge sucker for skin care products since I'm rarely wearing make up do to me basically living in the gym. I know I don't have bad skin but everyone works with what they have and I wish to get mine under control. I've never tried any of these though, but I'm attracted to each one for a reason, especially Aesop. 

Have any of you tried any of these? I wonder. 


Revlon | Precious

This is a brief review on the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Precious. I wont go into detail since I already wrote my review on it here, I'll just mainly talk about the color pay off and my thoughts. Anyway, i had my eye on this nude lip stain for some time now but I always put off buying it since I think the prices are a bit effy. However, they had a special when I got this and I was hoping for a bit more color pay off. Thinking back now I think a better choice for my lips would be Honey which is a bit more mauve. I was hoping for a much lighter version of my MAC's Honey Love lipstick but this lip balm mainly gives me a shine and just a slight color. I'm not too fond of the shine, I think I can pull it off with a matte face or otherwise I look greasy. I don't regret buying it I just think it may look better with someone who has lighter colored lips naturally.


September Empties

Caudalie Beauty Elixir- I finished my bottle not long ago and I find myself missing it. I mean, it didn't do much to my skin but it did help me a lot when I was going through the wisdom teeth pain. The smell of it and feel helped me cope a bit. Don't know if this is enough to make me repurchase it though.
Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange- I got the miniature bottle at Marshall's for about $2. Got it because I loved the smell and wanted to force myself to use lotion more often. I found myself trying to use this up quickly to be able to use my L'occitaine lotion and guess what? Mom got me a new one, sigh.
Ro's Argan- Oh why is this all gone? I miss the smell of this so damn much. Why can't we have a LUSH here? Online is just not the same.
The Body Shop Earth Lovers Fig & Rosemary Shower Gel- Got this at Marshall's and was drawn to the weird smell of it. I used this up very quickly since I loved the texture and how it went from liquid to gel form when I scrubbed it in.

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