Urban Decay | Apocalypse

My last part of the mini haul I got from an Urban Decay sale was this lipstick. I was pretty excited with this since it was only $3 and I'm quite happy with it. The lipstick looks daunting for those who shy away from dark lips, but these lipsticks are actually sheer. It's build able but never loses that sheer factor, so if pigment is what you're looking for this is not it. The durability is average and it's very smooth on the lips. It's not a lipstick I'm constantly reaching for but I really do like it, not a fan of the packaging though. All in all is a good lipstick that I got on sale, but wouldn't have picked up at regular price.


  1. ¡Dude avisame cuando te des uno de tus trips pa' allá!

    1. Esto fue online! No he ido a Sephora


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