Urban Decay | YDK

Upon getting a newsletter that Urban Decay was having a sale I knew I just had to jump on the band wagon. Seeing as they don't ship here (which is a shame) I had to resort to my super flash texting skills so my aunt could ship them to me. True, UD sales don't have much to choose from, but the prices are very good and hard to pass on. I chose two things to try out, one which was this gorgeous eyeshadow called YDK. What attracted me was the lovely faded copper tone and how it was neutral.

One of the first things I noticed off the bat was how pigmented it was when I swatched it. No streaking and I didn't have to swatch twice. These are ups for me since it makes it easier to apply and blend, and most importantly it makes it quick. I rarely apply eye primer (to lazy to bother) and I'm happy to say I don't need it. I'm not a UD fan but I do love the small portion of products I do own from their label. This shadow is no exception. The color is a more subtle copy of the Maybelline color tattoo ones in Bad To The Bronze. The UD YDK is more light though which discards it as a dupe, and vice versa. I got this shadow for $6 so I'm incredibly happy with it and truly have nothing bad to say about it. I'll keep a look out for the next sale so I can include something for a giveaway.


  1. this is my absolute favourite UD shadow! xo

  2. such a beautiful eyeshadow..and the texture looks amazing

    1. It has an amazing texture and blend ability! I'm obsessed :)


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