Revlon | Precious

This is a brief review on the Revlon Just Bitten lip stain in Precious. I wont go into detail since I already wrote my review on it here, I'll just mainly talk about the color pay off and my thoughts. Anyway, i had my eye on this nude lip stain for some time now but I always put off buying it since I think the prices are a bit effy. However, they had a special when I got this and I was hoping for a bit more color pay off. Thinking back now I think a better choice for my lips would be Honey which is a bit more mauve. I was hoping for a much lighter version of my MAC's Honey Love lipstick but this lip balm mainly gives me a shine and just a slight color. I'm not too fond of the shine, I think I can pull it off with a matte face or otherwise I look greasy. I don't regret buying it I just think it may look better with someone who has lighter colored lips naturally.

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