Korres | Quercetin & Oak Day Cream

This is the type of product I would probably never buy if it wasn't on sale. Luckily it was and I got it for $10. I've said before that my skin has been acting up lately, so I've been trying to do some damage control. My official plan was to use this day cream when I finished my Formula10.0.06 matte moisturizer, but since my skin acted out to the Origins spot remover I decided I needed a moisture boost. This day cream worked from the get go. It definitely helped my dry patches and brought them back to normal. Sadly, apart from that it's just an okay day cream. When you apply it you do get a firm sensation on your face. It's very uncomfortable if you cover the eyebrows, they really feel tight. However, being an antiageing and antiwrinkle products I'm very sure that the tightness is most welcomed. These types of products are good for slowing the wrinkling and aging process, so starting young never hurts. Overall, it's a products I wouldn't buy full price one I run out but if I saw it on sale I just might.

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