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  I can see again! Ah, so much better now. Last week I had the misfortune to sit on my old glasses of two years... may they rest in pieces. I lasted a couple of weeks before finally going to get my eye sight checked again and ordered my new babies. By ordering a pair I got to pick a designer shade free, so got that done too. Here are my two new babies that provide me with sight. Keeping these two babes under lock, and away from my booty.


Kate Moss For Rimmel London

  Even though this collection has been out for quite some time I hadn't seen in here in PR until this weekend. Being a limited edition product, be it drugstore or high-end, I was surprised it was $5 each. I would have expected them to be around $8. I only had two shades to choose from, which are the two I got, and I was eager to try out my first ever Rimmel lipsticks. When I got home I hurried to try them on, they're pigmented enough and they don't wear off easily but I do have a problem with them...THEY.HAVE.SCENT. Not just any scent, but a fruity scent. The type you smell on children's make-up. It's yucky and it makes me dizzy. I don't usually have such problems, I do like MAC's vanilla scents but this is way to much. Just when I got used to it I would get a whiff of them again. Regardless, if you don't mind the smell than you could get them they do go on pretty...maybe I'm just a tad bit OCD on it. Who knows?


Decked out

Eugenia Ring, Coco Ring, Isi Rings, Isi Onyx Ring
 I found this picture while stalking my own files on my internship. Sometimes part of our internship consists in playing models, eek, in my case a hand model and how can I say no when I get to wear my beloved Coco Ring. If I had to pick two things from the store I'd definitely go with a Coco Ring and a José María ring. But alas, out love goes way deeper into the platonic space of my wallet. But hey, a girl can dream! 


Violet Gold Lips

  For my birthday I did a fun twist on a dark lip. Using  Revlon's Va-Va-Violet and the Naked Palette's Halfbaked I just played a bit and made a different look in less than 1min. It's easy, quick and unique. It's a fun easy and quick look to do.
  •  Using a synthetic shadow brush (synthetic works better with cream products) dab on some of the Naked Palette's Halfbaked.
  • Dab the shadow on your lower lip in the middle and on your upper lip in the middle.
  •  You may have to dab some shadow on your lip more than once.
  • Try not to lick your lips and enjoy!


Funky Shoes

 Got some funky shoes in Zara for $30. These golden babies are definitely a statement piece and they also make my feet look huge. Going back to Zara soon, they have amazing prices at the moment!

Failed Arm Party

 Valija Gitana Skull Bracelet, DKNY Watch, Erika Peña Swarovski bracelet
 As you can see, my Arm Party still has a long way to go. I've never been keen on wearing too many bracelets on at the same time, but I do like the whole friendship bracelets and delicate charms. I'm working on building my partay on, but I look weird only wearing a lot on my left arm and none on my right... my rightie arm has issues.


D.I.Y Tribal Necklace

 While on a day out with my mam and bf I stumbled upon a pretty necklace that was around $20. What I noticed right away was how easy it was to do it yourself. I always have D.I.Y's in my mind but I never get around to doing them, so I made it my goal to make this one. Here is what you need:
  • Bobby Pins (as many as you wish)
  • Spray Paint (whichever color you desire)
  • Black Thread (length of your choosing)
  1.  First you're going to take the bobby pins and spray paint them. 
  2. Leave them out to dry for about 5 to 10 min before giving them a second coat. I suggest you seal them after.
  3. Take the thread and cut it to your preferable length
  4. Find the middle of the thread and start placing the bobby pins in an open fan position.
  5. Place as many bobby pins as you like.
  6. You're done and ready to wear!
  The beauty of this DIY is that you can add or take out as many bobby pins as you choose. I'm going to be adding more so it can look even more striking. I decided to add some beads at the end but thats your choice. I think it looks cool and it doesn't cost much to make it. Less than $20 I assure you. So have fun with your creation! Hope you liked this simple and fun DIY.


Quick Stop

 We made a quick stop to Wal-Mart yesterday so I could get some items for a DIY I'll be posting soon and I got two silly things. One, my Clinique foundation is now officially too dark for my face so I decided to get Revlon Photo Ready Foundation in 001 Ivory. Although my body has a slightly more yellow-ish tone to it my face doesn't, so I tend to be more on the pale side of cosmetics.  I'll be doing a review on it soon. Second,  I got a nail polish from Bettina in Candy Peppermint. It looks more pale  on the bottle than on but it's okay, it's still a really pretty color.
 Also, F21 is finally getting high-waist bottoms so I got a yellow high-waist short...color, I know! It's okay, I splash it with ridiculous amounts of black. It's a bit too short and rides up my bum but it's okay. Apart from the wedgie effect it's a very comfy short.
 And lastly, I'm going to be doing a giveaway soon, hopefully in time for Valentine's Day, so stay tuned for that!


Sneaker Heels

 The great Isabel Marrant brough us the sneaker heel. An amazing way to wear comfort and style at the same time, using the popular high-top sneaker and adding heels on the inside without you being able to notice. I've seen many versions of the originals and they just don't have that sneaky way of hiding the fact that they have heels. I was excited to get these from JessicaBurman where they make runway shoes for less. I got these on sale and had free shipping plus a discount for signing up. When I got these I wore them the same day for a gig we had at Univision TV with Erika. Let me tell you something, these shoes are amazing. They give me some added height and are amazingly comfortable. They remind me of snowboarding shoes and Osiris high-tops, without the obnoxious brand name places everywhere. They have this edgy chic way about them that make them look great. I know I'm going to have fun playing with these babies.


Seeing The Stars

Top- F21, Vest- DIY, Leggings- Marshalls, Purse- Ebay

 I've been swamped with work and I feel I've neglected my blog, so I'm here feeding it some outfit posts that feature my new Erika P horn earrings. This outfit was very carefree and comfortable, perfect for working at a retail store and picking up after people. I'm a black & white girl, there's no shame in that but I do try to incorporate color in my accessories. This time I used brown to break my black and white outfit. Very casual and easy.
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