Sneaker Heels

 The great Isabel Marrant brough us the sneaker heel. An amazing way to wear comfort and style at the same time, using the popular high-top sneaker and adding heels on the inside without you being able to notice. I've seen many versions of the originals and they just don't have that sneaky way of hiding the fact that they have heels. I was excited to get these from JessicaBurman where they make runway shoes for less. I got these on sale and had free shipping plus a discount for signing up. When I got these I wore them the same day for a gig we had at Univision TV with Erika. Let me tell you something, these shoes are amazing. They give me some added height and are amazingly comfortable. They remind me of snowboarding shoes and Osiris high-tops, without the obnoxious brand name places everywhere. They have this edgy chic way about them that make them look great. I know I'm going to have fun playing with these babies.

1 comment:

  1. I like them because of the simplicity and lack of brand labels. Is the quality good?


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