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I'm back! Kind of... Anyway, this time I bring a quick review of Etude House's new Baby Choux base from the Sweet Recipe collection. I'm going to get right into it since there isn't much to say. It's supposed to be a base you add after your moisturizer and before you foundation/bb cream or whichever you choose. It's gives a smooth finish look to the skin and I think it acts like a primer.

A little of this goes a loooooong way. Really, you only need a bit. The texture is kind of like a fluffy texture that turns powdery when it blends into the skin. It does give me really soft skin and moisture. It also acts like another barrier between my skin and make up, but I don't feel my make up lasts longer. To me, it works like added moisture to my skin which is always appreciated. It smells peachy but in a good way. 

Am I happy I got it?
Yeah, it was $10 and seeing how I apply so little, the price was good. The added moisture is awesome which is always a plus. But, if you want a primer then maybe it isn't a good choice.


Hourglass | Ambient Lighting Poweder in Ethereal

In dire need of some writing inspiration this has been, ironically enough, the light at the end of the tunnel for me. I swear, I had nothing to write about because I felt no product was worth writing about. So, when I first heard about this Hourglass product I was intrigued but knew my pocket would suffer for it. After some reviews I read, I decided to just get one and try it out. Boy, I regret getting this but not for bad reasons. After having used this for three weeks I'm trying to hold myself back from getting the other five. Why must it be so expensive?!

The shade I got is one out of six and it's called Ethereal. The purpose for these products is not to act as a highlighter (you will be disappointed if you get it for that purpose) but to strategically place a light effect around your face. This will add luminosity wherever you go, when used wisely. This is one of those products that is a bit more professional and has to be used by people who know what they're doing. Of course, this is so the product can be used to it's advantage and can be truly appreciated. If you buy this and don't know what you're doing you'll have wasted $45, which is sad.

I use a powder brush to dust this all over my T-zone with a light hand. This adds a lovely glow that gives the illusion of coming from within. Using this has helped me look not so tired on days where I could sleep like a Koala. The product is one that works in a subtle manner, but looks amazing if you can spot the difference. I'm seriously considering getting at least one more but only because I know I'll use it. So, to those who think they can wield this magical product I definitely suggest trying it out.


Etude House Wishlist

As you can see, I have an extensive Etude House wishlist. Can you blame me? Their new sweet recipe collection is both adorable an appealing to me! This isn't even all of it either. I need to be shipped to Korea so I can shop in this store personally. This shall now be my goal!


Be back soon!

Hey, guys! I'll be taking a quick break from blogging while I go through some personal issues. I hope for your patience and understanding. I will be back, but the break is necessary. 

Thank you for understanding,


My Cream Eyeshadows

Since I'm a little low on my blogging mojo, I decided to play it safe and follow the line of my previous post. I don't have many cream shadows but I can still show you the ones I have. Disclaimer! I really don't have anything bad to say about these and I'm pretty glad I got them.

MAC Bare Study- I've written about this shadow before, so I wont go in depth. This is just something I reach for when I want a barely there look. Slap this on and smother on some mascara and I'm done. What can I say, it's reliable. 

Inked In Pink-  Newest addition to the cream shadow family and really the only way I wear a pink shadow. There's just something about that pearly pink finish that just gets me. Plus, the pigmentation is great!

Blue On By- I don't use this as an eyeshadow, just an eyeliner. The pigmentation on this is weaker than the others but it's perfect for eyeliner. Not much of a 'blue on the whole eyelid' kind of girl.

Bad To The Bronze- This is perfect for a subtle evening look and it's just so easy to use. The possibilities are always endless with neutral shadows, it's almost impossible to go wrong there. It's a step up from Bare Study. When I want to look natural but with a hint of something I just slap this on. (So much slapping going on!)

All of these have great wear on them. The Maybelline shadows more than the MAC. Pigments are great, too. However, with the Maybelline shadow tattoos you have to work fast because once they settle they settle.
Blue On By | Bare Study | Bad To The Bronze | Inked In Pink


MAC Bare Study Dupe

Don't know which is which, eh? Well, that's awesome because that means you'll be able to get MAC's Bare Study for a little less than MAC's price. If you've ever wanted Bare Study then you only have to get Maybelline's Barely Branded Color Tattoo.

One of the differences between these two products is the textures. Bare Study has a more smooth creamy texture that is very flexible when it comes to blending. Barely Branded has a more adhesive texture that makes it harder to blend once its set, however I suspect that it has to do with the lasting power of the 'tattoo' effect. The other difference is the lasting power. Bare Study tends to waver a bit during the day, but always stays visible. Barely Branded stays where you left it for a long ass time.

Choosing between the two:
This all depends on a couple of things. Price range is definitely a thing to consider. Bare Study is $23, while Barely Branded is around $7. Also, you should consider the lasting power you wish to have. Lastly, the texture.

Both of these products are very good. Its amazing that they have an identical color payoff. I personally can't choose which is better because even though the color is the same, the finishes and textures are different. It all comes down to what you prefer.
 Left: MAC Bare Study & Right: Maybelline Barely Branded
 Left: MAC Bare Study & Right: Maybelline Barely Branded


Febuary: Think Pink

I've never been a February kind of person. Never really been into that whole "Omg! It's Valentine's day!" fiasco I see around me. Hell, I even wore full black on V-day to school. Rebellious, right? Anyway, regardless of utter indifference to the month of February, I've been very pink these last few weeks. Pink blush and pink lips. These are the things I'm leaning more towards to lately. I just feel that pink is giving me a flush to my face that I'm sorely lacking lately. Pink is just a happy color when it comes to make up. It barely disappoints. We should all have at least one pink item in out make up bag so we can brighten up our day. Adding that flush of color that just looks right. For my daily dose of pink, I chose these items above. These have helped me through my pink obsession and maybe they can help you, too!

•Dior Peechy Keen 553 Blush (LIES! It's not peach, its pink)
•MAC Oh So Fair Blush
•E.l.f blush (He of no name...really, I can't find a name)
•Rimmel Kate Moss 101
•NYX Sweet Pink
•MAC Viva Glam Gaga
•Revlon Honey Douce
Without flash.
Dior Peechy Keen | MAC Oh So Fair | E.l.f | NYX Sweet Pink | MAC Viva Glam Gaga | Rimmel Kate  Moss 101 | Revlon Honey
With flash.
Dior Peechy Keen | MAC Oh So Fair | E.l.f | NYX Sweet Pink | MAC Viva Glam Gaga | Rimmel Kate  Moss 101 | Revlon Honey
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