MAC Bare Study Dupe

Don't know which is which, eh? Well, that's awesome because that means you'll be able to get MAC's Bare Study for a little less than MAC's price. If you've ever wanted Bare Study then you only have to get Maybelline's Barely Branded Color Tattoo.

One of the differences between these two products is the textures. Bare Study has a more smooth creamy texture that is very flexible when it comes to blending. Barely Branded has a more adhesive texture that makes it harder to blend once its set, however I suspect that it has to do with the lasting power of the 'tattoo' effect. The other difference is the lasting power. Bare Study tends to waver a bit during the day, but always stays visible. Barely Branded stays where you left it for a long ass time.

Choosing between the two:
This all depends on a couple of things. Price range is definitely a thing to consider. Bare Study is $23, while Barely Branded is around $7. Also, you should consider the lasting power you wish to have. Lastly, the texture.

Both of these products are very good. Its amazing that they have an identical color payoff. I personally can't choose which is better because even though the color is the same, the finishes and textures are different. It all comes down to what you prefer.
 Left: MAC Bare Study & Right: Maybelline Barely Branded
 Left: MAC Bare Study & Right: Maybelline Barely Branded


  1. I think I'd get Barely Branded, only because I like the color a tad more! That's amazing that the tattoos seem to last longer than the Paint Pots! I keep trying to find Barely Branded in my drugstores, but they are no where to be seen. Great review, really love the comparison!

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

    1. Keep trying to find it! It's worth it :)

      Thank you


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