As I sit here, coughing up my lungs and with a fever, it dawned on me that I haven't posted an outfit picture in some time. Here's the thing, I currently don't have anyone that can take a picture of my outfits since I'm so busy. I promise I'll do more, since this is my fashion blog... Anyway, here I wore a star print dress/shirt some very opaque tights layered all with a grey DIY vest, brown boots and my mint clutch. We were heading out for a day out so I wanted a comfortable outfit. I love these tights from Forever 21, they truly help slim my legs (which I hate) and are dark enough that they appear to be leggings. I had to block out my face since I looked truly like a goof since I'm not photogenic.

 The point of the outfit was comfort meeting style, effortless style. A happy medium. What I try to teach is that one can look good, translate your style and be comfortable without heading for some sweats, t-shirt and uggs... -shudder- Since the dress doesn't have a shape I decided to add a layer that gives it just the right amount of shape I want without having me to tight that I'm uncomfortable and very conscious. I'm all about dressing black & white so I do tend to add color with accessories, hence the mint clutch. I kept the jewelry to the minimum and just relaxed the whole day!


Studded Purse

  I've been in dire need of a new purse since my old one is slowly decaying. I've always been a fan of Alexander Wang and I often think he designs with me in mind, so when I saw he created a gorgeous and perfect purse I knew I had to have it. The problem? It's roughly around $500 purse. I can't spend $500 or more on a purse... I just can't. So I sat in my corner and sulked until I saw a look alike roaming around on youtube. It would basically cost me around $76 with everything to get it from the UK to PR. I waited a bit and bought it on eBay for $46. It arrived on good time and the purse is big! Bigger than I expected.
 It's so gorgeous and spacy. Everything I need fits in there and more! And being a girl we all feel the need to carry crap in our purse. I've received a lot of good comments on it and it really does look like a real Alexander Wang. It was a good buy and I'm very happy I got it. So if you're looking for a good bag then I do suggest you check it out.


Something Neon

  Got some bits and bobs during the week. One was out of curiosity and the others were essentials. I got a neon green/yellow cardigan (even though it appears yellow) so I could challenge myself to wear some color and it's surprisingly flattering on me. I don't love neon but this was okay. Next I got some essentials, sunglasses & a make-up bag... finally. I'd been driving for months without sunglasses, I always lose mine, so I needed a new pair. I did check out real Raybans but I don't feel that I'm ready to commit to buying a $145 pair of sunglasses, so I opted to some good ol $15 look alike which I love. Then I'd been in need of a make-up bag for my purse so I could carry my essentials, so I got this one at Forver 21 for $5 and it's surprisingly spacious...



 While stalking my Tumblr Dashboard I stumbled upon a druzy ring picture that led me to an etsy store called OhKuol. The store features some of my favorite stones like druzy. What shocked me was the size and prices of the products. After reading reviews and looking at very good and detailed pictures I bought this sunstone ring so I could check out if the store is legit.
 The ring came in the mail very fast and in great packaging. It was amazing how true to the picture the ring actually is! It's adjustable so you can wear it wherever you wish. I've been wearing it all these days and I get a lot of comments on it. For $40 I think it was a bargain. The store features a lot of variety of druzy and other precious stones. If you're a fan of that then I do recommend checking out the store. I know I'm going to get more!


It's All About The Nude

  I've been dying to get my hands on some goot nude lippies. I could never find a good shade of nudes that go well with my complexion, it was that itch that I could never scratch. While on a curious trip with my friend, Shierley, to MAC I spotted two nudes from a natural collection and said "why not?" and went ahead and tried them on. To my surprise I loved them both and decided to splurge on them. I've been using them for these past two weeks and I'm in love. They're moisturizing and they last a long time. Definitely something I'll try to get again.  
  To continue with my nude palette for the week, I got some Steve Madden nude pumps as a present for Thee Kings Day. I finally learned to truly walk in heels and I'm eager to get more and more pumps. These I got in Marshalls so they were around $40 which isn't bad. I've already broke them in and I can last up to 5hrs on these babies.


MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

  I was getting frantic when my Avon powder foundation hit pan and that meant I needed to hunt for something new. Luckily Brenda, one of my non-related sister, had a MAC Studio Fix Powder which I'd been eying for some time. I couldn't try hers, she's more of a yellow tone where I'm not, but I asked her if she liked it which she answered yes. Now, I usually don't jump into buying a $28 powder so I spent time doing some research and looking at reviews before buying it. I had to sit there at the MAC store and get help from one of the workers to match my color but all was good.
  I've had it for over a month although I don't use it much, because I'm waiting for the Avon one to die, however I did use it on my birthday and it lasted all night. It doesn't feel caked in and it looks very natural with good coverage. I want to use it for a bit more before telling all of you if it's truly worth buying but so far it looks good. We'll see!


Abebi Madness

  Introducing the new addition to the family. These are the Abebi Bali Earrings. These are hand beaded with 24K gold. They're from the Le Plume collection from a couple of years back and they also come with multicolored beads and with even longer chains. We have a few in the store, and these were to be a gift, but something happened that I kept them.
  These babies look amazing in display and even more amazing on. They can be worn up or down, they have that versatility which is perfect for me so I can bring the youthfulness to my outfits too. They are conversation starters since they are very attention grabbing. They give off this Indonesian feeling, very exotic and unique. The multicolored ones are very youthful, which are perfect to add some color, but I opted for the gold ones since I'm a gold lover at the moment.
  I know I'm not much of a photographer but these were very fun to photograph. I saw them and had this idea to use the green of the plants to make the gold pop from the earrings. I couldn't help but take picture after picture and I loved it. Oh! I also got a gift golden tote bag for my purchase. You guys really should go by the store if you can, it's a site to behold.
  Also, got my Teen Vogue... finally! It's so small and cute. I like how they go straight to the point on the articles and how they give attention to bloggers. I truly hope that one day I get to be featured in all of my favorite magazines, I shall continue to work hard and pour all of myself into my posts hoping you all get into my writing as much as I do.


Studs In My Shoes

 Hi guys, Happy Three Kings Day! I'm finally relaxing on my off day and decided to post these babies which have been with me for over a month now, the famous Topshop studded loafers. I'd been eying them for a long time before I decided to buy them. Yes, they were a bit pricey, but I'd seen more go for $80 and so on. These started with the Louboutin studded loafers. There are another version with even bigger spikes, which I love also, but knowing myself I'd fall and stab myself with them. 

 These babies are impossibly comfortable, even from the 1st wear, and I use them for almost everything. They aren't common where I live yet so I do get a lot of comments on them, most good and some weird. I've been loving shoes lately, as statement pieces, and I'm glad to add these to my growing collection.


Mobile Diaries Pt.2

It's so fluffy!

 Lately I've been a clutch junkie, so when I saw this little fluff ball I went crazy. I was roaming ALDO just innocently looking at everything. In my opinion their choices in purses are good and when they do sales, it's even more so good. I like the play with textures in the clutch and also how it looks like an animal when placed on a surface. It doesn't fit much but that's the point of an envelope clutch.


Happy New Year!

  NYE was a bloody haze for me. Good and bad things happened, but sometimes we just have to tune the outside world out and enjoy what's infront of your eyes. I was graced by an amazing firework show overlooking the town I was in. A show that rivaled Disney's. I wasn't feeling very good to start with, I had a nasty cold but I managed. I hope all of you had an amazing NYE and made some new resolutions, I did. Here are mine:
  1. Patience
  2. Being more approachable and less shy.
  3. Working hard on my blog and on school.
  4. Taking more risks in my style.


Bow Tie Twist

  Working as an intern in Erika Peña Designs has been an adventure. Sometimes we work and have fun and sometimes we work. But there is always something to do and something to keep us all occupied. Everyone in the office is like a family to me and going to work is like my little escape. I mean, I get to work with amazing jewelry pieces and I get to meet interesting people. Let's not forget all that I'm learning about the business and the fashion industry. The mere chance of interning was enough that I was blindsided by this gift. Erika gifted us with pieces of her new collection called Bradley Bows. These babies are made in swarovski crystals giving the bow tie a new elegant twist. This was my Christmas + brithday gift and I'm more than grateful! This piece is a definite conversation starter and also a unique piece to my collection. You can also get one of these babies in the store or by calling. Thanks, Erika!

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