Abebi Madness

  Introducing the new addition to the family. These are the Abebi Bali Earrings. These are hand beaded with 24K gold. They're from the Le Plume collection from a couple of years back and they also come with multicolored beads and with even longer chains. We have a few in the store, and these were to be a gift, but something happened that I kept them.
  These babies look amazing in display and even more amazing on. They can be worn up or down, they have that versatility which is perfect for me so I can bring the youthfulness to my outfits too. They are conversation starters since they are very attention grabbing. They give off this Indonesian feeling, very exotic and unique. The multicolored ones are very youthful, which are perfect to add some color, but I opted for the gold ones since I'm a gold lover at the moment.
  I know I'm not much of a photographer but these were very fun to photograph. I saw them and had this idea to use the green of the plants to make the gold pop from the earrings. I couldn't help but take picture after picture and I loved it. Oh! I also got a gift golden tote bag for my purchase. You guys really should go by the store if you can, it's a site to behold.
  Also, got my Teen Vogue... finally! It's so small and cute. I like how they go straight to the point on the articles and how they give attention to bloggers. I truly hope that one day I get to be featured in all of my favorite magazines, I shall continue to work hard and pour all of myself into my posts hoping you all get into my writing as much as I do.


  1. tienes un pequeñito error ortográfico; "add" not "ass"

    I giggled a little when I read it

    anyways, gorgeous earrings!


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