Studs In My Shoes

 Hi guys, Happy Three Kings Day! I'm finally relaxing on my off day and decided to post these babies which have been with me for over a month now, the famous Topshop studded loafers. I'd been eying them for a long time before I decided to buy them. Yes, they were a bit pricey, but I'd seen more go for $80 and so on. These started with the Louboutin studded loafers. There are another version with even bigger spikes, which I love also, but knowing myself I'd fall and stab myself with them. 

 These babies are impossibly comfortable, even from the 1st wear, and I use them for almost everything. They aren't common where I live yet so I do get a lot of comments on them, most good and some weird. I've been loving shoes lately, as statement pieces, and I'm glad to add these to my growing collection.

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