MAC Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation

  I was getting frantic when my Avon powder foundation hit pan and that meant I needed to hunt for something new. Luckily Brenda, one of my non-related sister, had a MAC Studio Fix Powder which I'd been eying for some time. I couldn't try hers, she's more of a yellow tone where I'm not, but I asked her if she liked it which she answered yes. Now, I usually don't jump into buying a $28 powder so I spent time doing some research and looking at reviews before buying it. I had to sit there at the MAC store and get help from one of the workers to match my color but all was good.
  I've had it for over a month although I don't use it much, because I'm waiting for the Avon one to die, however I did use it on my birthday and it lasted all night. It doesn't feel caked in and it looks very natural with good coverage. I want to use it for a bit more before telling all of you if it's truly worth buying but so far it looks good. We'll see!

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