As I sit here, coughing up my lungs and with a fever, it dawned on me that I haven't posted an outfit picture in some time. Here's the thing, I currently don't have anyone that can take a picture of my outfits since I'm so busy. I promise I'll do more, since this is my fashion blog... Anyway, here I wore a star print dress/shirt some very opaque tights layered all with a grey DIY vest, brown boots and my mint clutch. We were heading out for a day out so I wanted a comfortable outfit. I love these tights from Forever 21, they truly help slim my legs (which I hate) and are dark enough that they appear to be leggings. I had to block out my face since I looked truly like a goof since I'm not photogenic.

 The point of the outfit was comfort meeting style, effortless style. A happy medium. What I try to teach is that one can look good, translate your style and be comfortable without heading for some sweats, t-shirt and uggs... -shudder- Since the dress doesn't have a shape I decided to add a layer that gives it just the right amount of shape I want without having me to tight that I'm uncomfortable and very conscious. I'm all about dressing black & white so I do tend to add color with accessories, hence the mint clutch. I kept the jewelry to the minimum and just relaxed the whole day!

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