Drugstore + F21 Haul

 Nothing big on this post, just me wanting to share what I got at the drugstore and at F21. I hope you all enjoy it and I'll give reviews as soon as I think I use the items enough to give my opinion!

Avon polish duo (don't know the names, they were gifts)
 Neutrogena "Night Calming" towelettes, Maybelline 05 'Give me gold' & Revlon  'Berry Haute'


Alternative Hairstyle: Milkmaid Braid (Short Hair)

 If you have ever wanted to wear the famous and trendy milkmaid braid but you have short hair and thought you couldn't, then read on because I have an alternative hairstyle!

  • Bobby Pins 
  • 2 hair ties 
  • And someone who knows how to do a french braid (if you don't know how yourself)

 I've always loved how the milkmaid braid looks. It looks fresh and trendy, and it's also a very comfortable hairdo. I used to wear it when I had my long hair. When I cut it, it was one of the hairstyles I missed, especially with the heat wave here. So, one day I decided to try a new alternative!

  • Part your hair down the middle and tie one of the sides, to get it from interfering.
  • Start braiding you hair fairly close to the temple. You want it to go down you head, not up.
  • Leave a bit of hair when finishing so you can tie it.
  • Do the same on the other side.
  • When finished on both sides, take one of the pony tails and bobby pin on the opposite side and do the same with the other. Creating an 'X' shape.
  • Curl any loose hairs so they frame your face.
  • Add a cute pair of earrings.
  • Enjoy your hairstyle!


Mixing Textures

 It's been an interesting sick week. By sick, I mean me. I'm sick (cough). But I did manage to get some (free) vintage things from my mum's closet, including a vintage Kenneth Cole cherry wood red high waist belt! Ah the wonders. I tried a technique I've been eying for some time, mixing textures. 

My dog maybe old but she's so damn adorable!

 Mixing textures is as simple as it's sounds... or it's read. You take different textures of your own wardrobe and find a way to harmonize them together. You can either mix soft elegant textures like chiffon from a pleaded midi skirt and mix it in with the rough of a denim distressed vest. Which is what I did. I incorporated the soft elegant look of a cream midi skirt with a black/white stripped shirt and added a denim vest. However, mixing textures is way more. Like the mixing of soft delicate flower patters with something as rough as spikes. It can work, I swear. I suggest people try it more, it's nice and it looks great when done right. 

Vest- made by moi, Shirt- Zara, Belt- Vintage, Skirt- Forever 21, Shoes- Dolce Vita

 Apart from that lovely experiment I went out and saw Crazy.Stupid.Love with my mum and the beau. It was a surprisingly great movie. I mean I went because I wanted to see it, but it was completely different than what you see in the commercial promos! I suggest you go watch it, it's not just a chick flick.


Imagine that...


 My inspiration as of late has changed. I like to think of it as an organic inspiration. All of the things that I'm liking are very breathable in a way. Not much pop of colour, but simple black, white, gold and silvers. Neutral tones also are playing a part on my inspiration. Things that somehow seem surreal and fantasy like, very spirit/sprite elegant look. Fashion isn't just something superficial, it can also be very open, adventurous and no boundary.  



 Since I'm currently home in bed sick I thought it would be a good time, as any, to share three new bits I got. One which I'm truly excited to have and show. 

  I've been in dire need of a new perfume. I resorted to "burrowing" my mum's. Needless to say, she didn't appreciate. Anyway, so here I am in Zara looking through they're fabulous sale and then I spot some perfume bottle testers. Being as curious as I am, I just had to have a sniff. I fell in love with the one called 'Iris' which I ended up getting for $12! It's a very delicate scent. Very girly and flowery with a hint of sweetness. I've worn it already, and it lasts a fairly long time. I wore it while I worked my 8 hour shift, and by closing time I could still smell a mingling scent. Very nice.

 A couple of weeks ago I ordered a Sleek blusher in 'Life's a peach'. We don't have Sleek here in PR, so I was able to get it on ebay. It just got here today in perfect conditions. The colour is gorgeous, a true peach which I've been searching for (for a long damn time). I can't wait to try it and give it a proper review!
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